Two Christmas traditions (eggnog and Kringla) rolled into one soft, cakelike cookie. Peanut butter burst cookies are made with delicious peanut butter chips, and these treats from the ’80s are still a favorite today. Related: 13 Classic Ice … Seriously: the look of these dishes will have you losing your appetite in no time. This vintage caramel roll recipe combines brown sugar and pecans to make a warm and wonderful breakfast treat. As you're gearing up for the Fourth of July this year, consider making one of these delicious, retro potluck dishes that everyone loves. Still, I prefer to enjoy our peaches separated from our canned meat. It’s a recipe for an unusual, distinctive dish made from ordinary, economical ingredients. Here are 12 amazing classic apple pie recipes, collected from newspapers published across the US throughout the ’60s! Popular: alcoholic beverages | apples | breakfast | cakes | cheese | cookies | jello | marshmallows | rice krispies, Flavors: chocolate | peanut butter | vanilla | pumpkin | lemon | orange | banana | pineapple. Get two easy vintage cheesecake pie recipes that require no cooking, no special pans, and no expensive ingredients. These easy vintage cream cheese frosting recipes are one-bowl affairs with almost endless variations. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Raspberry, strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon… any delicious flavor of fruit you like best. But there's something about the mixture of orange and brown in a margarita glass that's just unsettling. Cookbooks are passed down, See this ’80s style retro rainbow long-sleeve shirt at the Click Americana shop now! At one point, Avocado Meatza was the hotness. According to these retro Spam recipes – what *can’t* you make with it?! 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Get the classic recipe here! To many Americans living south of the Mason-Dixon line, sweet potatoes must be made with marshmallows! So luscious. By Bon Appéti t. August 27, 2012. Come for the recipes, stay for the terrible puns! These deliciously rich caramel apple oat squares don’t take long to make, and these bars are doubly amazing when served with ice cream on top. This peppermint marble angel cake gets an extra festive touch from peppermint extract and bonus bits of crushed peppermint candy. Here’s the recipe from 1973! Even though vintage recipes go in and out of style, they're often the first dishes to disappear from the buffet line. Pudding in a cloud. Take a vintage look back at how Americans have loved coffee for generations – plus get some great old-fashioned ways to brew a delicious cup of koe. While sometimes I’ll admit people can have strange cravings for weird foods, I tend to think that as a whole, our palates are alright. To be fair, everyone has different taste in food. Here’s how to make Truman Capote’s favorite retro recipe for a delicious cold banana pudding that’s topped with an airy meringue.. Homemade with love! Make a double batch of these chicken meatballs with cranberry glaze – serve what you need, and freeze the rest for a spur-of-the-moment party. The 15 Most Insane Vintage Recipes Published in Bon Appetit. is made with ★ and ♥ by Synchronista LLC | © 2011-2020. We understand that tomatoes are a fruit, and this could technically be considered a tomato salad... and yet this still seems like a cruel and unusual snack. Ready for some good old-fashioned chocolate treats? Come for the recipes, stay for the terrible puns! If you’re in the mood for a savory old-fashioned dinner, here’s a delicious way to make onion meatloaf with soup mix, vintage ’60s-style. Whether they’re right out of the box or in your favorite recipe, here is is an easy way to tempt the vanilla wafer lovers in your family: Make a nilla wafer cranberry cheesecake! We ask questions like, “Why are you putting that in a cake mold?” and “Did you really need to put olives on that?” Our parents and grandparents had some strange taste, so we can only look at these vintage recipes and thank our lucky stars that we live in the day and age of hot Cheetos and seasonal lattes, and not these unbelievably odd dishes. But these sandwiches here just seem like a sad and sorry waste of bread. Here’s a classic recipe for a chocolate fudge truffle cheesecake from Hershey’s and Eagle Brand – a delicious retro dessert from 1990! I'm Isabelle, and this is my blog. But there comes a time when you realize that the best use for gelatin is to make jello shots — not to whip up weird wiggly dishes that are best reserved for the kids’ table. I'm a 40-something coffee-chugging, booty-shaking, bargain-shopping, trucker-swearing self-taught cook with a major addiction to vintage cookbooks. By substituting trick or treating with a retro-style Meet ‘n Treat Halloween party, the holiday can become a time for sharing the fun with family and neighbors in a spirit of friendship. We have indexed these old recipes by collection so that you can enjoy these treasured works of "homemaker art". of your favorite toppings – and don’t forget whipped cream or ice cream! Here’s how to make classic eggnog kringla cookies with this Here’s a scrumptious apple tart recipe what was worth $40,000 as the winning pie from America’s Bake-Off Contest in 1986! Here’s how. Our vintage recipe collection and vintage cookbook library consist of holdings primarily from the early 1900's thru the 1970's. Here’s a Minnesota State Fair champion’s vintage recipe for Golden apricot coffee cake. Here’s how to make classic eggnog kringla cookies with this recipe from 1990. Iced Nesselrode Pudding, a chestnut-based chilled sweet, was considered to be very expensive, very fancy, very tasty — and was, consequently, very popular during the Victorian era. So lovely. Buttermilk cooler recipe – It’s orange juice and buttermilk, and it’s just a little wild. Here’s an easy recipe for a retro treat from the ’70s – a creamy Dutch Apple dessert, with layers of graham cracker crumbs, sweet cream, apple pie filling, and a delicious topping. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest vintage stuff!