Parchment paper (preferably unbleached) is more versatile than foil, and it’s readily available in even small grocery stores these days. Though I have a non-stick loaf pan, I line it with parchment paper every time I use it. Supplies needed: one or two rimmed baking sheets, pizza paddle or peel (optional – I’ll describe details below), parchment paper or cornmeal, nonstick cooking spray (if using parchment paper) When I use this method: When we have company over and I want a second or third “pizza stone” to cook more pizzas at a time. Do not confuse the oven “rack” as the bottom of the oven. However, if you do not happen to have parchment paper available, other alternatives can be used for the same purpose. Parchment doesn’t impart a flavor. Parchment paper vs foil - this comparison might be the best way to determine which of the two is a better and safer choice for cooking. The rack is the shelf with thin metal bars, and is best located in the middle, or slightly below the middle of the oven. Parchment paper is a cooking essential that can be used to bake or store certain foods. Putting I started with a limited knowledge of parchment paper and foil. Whether you’re baking cookies or cooking fish, aluminum foil, parchment paper, and wax paper can help make almost every kitchen task easier and more successful. So you will need an alternative option … 7 Substitutes You Can Use When You Don’t Have Parchment Paper Read More » That would not be a good idea, at all. All I know is that a parchment paper is somewhat waxy, while a foil looks silvery. Sometimes you have to cook it for a minute or two less to get the crust really soft. Foil is made from metal, and in addition to the chemical Parchment paper can come in handy for different uses. I cook pizza all the time without anything underneath. You could use aluminum foil, I've done that too As any chef will tell you, some of the most essential kitchen tools aren’t gadgets or gizmos. Unlike using tin foil, or silicone rims which never fit, the paper allowed the crust edge to brown perfectly. I think that parchment will not prevent the edge from browning Just put it right on the middle rack. They are simple, basic materials, already tucked into your kitchen drawers. But for whatever reasons, you might not always have the stock in your kitchen. I use parchment all the time and will definitely use your trick.