10 months after the Battle of Cowpens, the … Cowpens, Battle of (1781).Daniel Morgan and his 1,100‐man American army defeated Banastre Tarleton and 1,100 British and loyalist troops at the Cowpens in northwestern South Carolina on 17 January 1781 in the tactical masterpiece of the Revolutionary War—a classic demonstration of a commander's ability to exploit the resources at hand. On March 15, 1781, British General Charles Lord Cornwallis’s army of 2,100 men engaged a Continental army under Major General Nathanael Greene at Guilford Court House, near present day Greensboro, North Carolina.. Located in present-day South Carolina north of Spartanburg. The Battle of Cowpens, January 17, 1781, took place in the latter part of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and of the Revolution itself. 1 Battle of Cowpens - At the Cowpens, a frontier pastureland, on January 17, 1781, Daniel Morgan led his army of tough Continentals and backwoods militia to a brilliant victory over Banastre Tarleton's battle-hardened force of British regulars. The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction: Battles Battle of Cowpens: Before the unnamed battle in the movie, Benjamin Martin conceives of the tactics of placing the militia on the front line and retreating after two shots. He would later fight at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and the Siege of Yorktown. Adopting a tactic utitlized by Daniel Mogran at the Battle of Cowpens, Greene formed his roughly 4,500 men into three lines.The first line was held by North Carolina militia. The battle lasted less than an hour, but had a huge impact on the war. He also goes around to the militia campfires on the night before the battle. Daniel Morgan would later serve in the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia. This is due to the fact that it was seen as a "…decisive first step by American forces in reclaiming South Carolina from the British and ultimately turning the tide of the Revolutionary War." It became known as the turning point of the war in the South, part of a chain of events leading to Patriot victory at Yorktown Interesting Facts about the Battle of Cowpens. Colonel Tarleton managed to escape with most of his cavalry. The Battle of Cowpens is considered by many historians to be a critical battle, which to a large extent shaped the outcome of the American Revolutionary War or War of Independence. The battle win completely turned around the American morale and gave them a renewed sense of confidence that they could actually go on to win the American Revolutionary War. What Happened After the Battle of Cowpens.