Listen Free to God: Big Questions, Surprising Answers audiobook by Robert L. Kuhn with a 30 Day Free Trial! Surprising Insights into Free Will, Personal Identity, and Existence $ 35.95 – $ 139.95 Select options; Sale! As Christian adults, it's our JOB to have answers. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet and iOS and Android devices. Titles by Same Presenter. AGE-APPROPRIATE answers. The Big Questions: God by Mark Vernon is an interesting and broad-ranging series of twenty essays. Sale! Be the first to review “God: Big Questions, Surprising Answers” Cancel reply. Your answer will either reinforce their commitment to the Christian faith OR (if you're unprepared) build skepticism and uncertainty. 13 big questions—13 in-depth answers: 1.) Each chapter also includes 5 questions to make the study more interactive. Among other topics, the essays focus on the existence of God, the variety of concepts of God, spirituality, religion and science, nature, good and evil and life after death. Kids have LOTS of BIG questions about God, the Bible, and Faith. And they need to be GOOD answers. 2.) Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers looks at a key question in-depth and explores it through the Bible and research from journals and books by respected Christian authors. You must be logged in to post a review. Are You Ready to Defend Your Faith? These questions are pivotal moments. What Is Human Nature?