This time planning to replace chicken with mutton what changes should i do in recipe. I have not used whole grain rice to cook biryani rice. 11. The mixture begins to leave the oil as well. You may consider using a smaller flame to cook the rice next time. I will try this method for our midterm practical exam, Wish me luck hehehe. I use this recipe for a few year and served in my cafe, and finalize the recipe based on the feedback from my customers. Hi Raajanya You are welcome, it is perfect for EID. If using biryani masala powder add it now. Indian and South Asian biryani comes in many forms. Thank you for sharing the recipe plus all the extra tips. I overlook this in my previous reply. In 1/2 cup of warm milk crush a pinch of saffron strands and put some whole strands. 12. Ingredients to cook rice I want to try it for the first time, but for the chicken, should it be precooked or raw? He is 3.5yrs old and never eats anything that is packed in his box so decided to try this one and it was a hit!! It is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat (chicken, beef, goat, pork, lamb, prawn, or fish), and sometimes, in addition, eggs and/or potatoes in certain regional varieties. Thanks you so much Swathi for posting these recipes with methods and photos, nice work and I only trust your recipes when I cook, even simple receipe like upma I cook as per your recipes. 6 pieces cloves If you only manage to get the spices in a whole piece, ground it with a spice herb grinder before using it. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. For the kuska rice, most ppl do not use biryani masala powder. Alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe. These are all Asian favorites. You may put a small saucepan or a steamer rack on the stove first and then place the pot of rice on top to increase the distance of the heat from the pot. You can try both ways- upside down and the other way round. Please. Bring it to a boil. What changws should i do in recipe if i am making mutton recipe. You will not regret the small investment! Add 1/2 to 3/4 tsp red chili powder, little turmeric, handful of mint, coriander, salt and 1 tsp biryani masala powder (optional). Only thing was that I kept it a little longer time and the chicken was slightly overcooked. 7 g ground coriander (2 tsp) No problem. 2 teaspoons 10ml of lime juice Medium and long grain rice is stickier and therefore will not produce the beautiful texture as basmati rice. Cover the pressure cooker with the lid, cook on a low flame for 3 to 5 mins. KP Kwan, My concern is mutto takes more time to get tender. 200 g of onion KP Kwan. You are welcome, and I hope this chicken biryani recipe is useful to you. It’s a no fail recipe. When the rice is done, open the lid and fluff up. Add 3 1/2 cups water. You should use ground spices for better marinating effect. I soak the rice in water for 45 minutes. I used a pressure cooker. i am vegan and my friend ony eats fish – how would i adapt to do a veg one and a fish one ? I layered the par-cooked rice, onion, chicken, rice, onion in a large tray insert, sealed well with heavy duty tin foil and left on BBQ for about 40 min. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. You can access it straight away by scrolling to the end of this article. Since the amount is much larger, I suggest you cook for a longer time, use a slightly (but not to much) higher heat. Hi Egle, The reason behind the selection of basmati rice is similar to use Arborio rice for risotto, in which it is explicitly for such purpose. I simply love this site, thank you so much and you are recipes are always a hit! The half cooked rice is ready to cook together with marinated chicken. I develop this recipe because our customers want us to serve the rice with beef rendang, curry chicken as well as butter chicken. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Remove the rice when the rice grain can be broken into 2-3 parts. You can do without it if you do not have saffron. Wish you all the best and have a great party. Bring the spice mixture to a boil. Biryani is also known as biryani, briyani or biriyani. I hope you will enjoy it and have an excellent result. The meat and spices will eventually flavor the rice to give a fabulous aroma and taste. I know this is not the best way but I don’t have a scale at home and badly want to try your recipe. hai..i really love your recipe…your useful tips on how to cook biryani rice..its my favourite food…and im happy with your explaination….will try to cook this recipe on first eid. Very neat and tastey recipe. Most of us have yogurt with fruit flavor in the refrigerator, but they will affect the taste of chicken biryani. When this happens, remove the rice from heat and drain away from the water. I like your recipe coz most of the ingredients are locally available except for the bay leaves. Its perfect. Make sure the raw smell of garlic goes away. You need to use very low heat to cook the biryani. Wait till it turns yellow. You will notice that the rice grains slowly become larger and whiter, which indicates that the rice is cooking. Let me make it clearer based on your description of making the biryani rice. , thanks for sharing this delicious recipe with us. 2. Latest update: How to cook biryani rice – the easiest (and quickest method)I have added this new section at the end of this article. Hi Namrata, Have a wonderful holiday. I tried this recipe twice and both times it came out amazing..thanks so much!! KP Kwan, […] sambal and as a garnish. Your recipes are spot on and better than our favorite restaurant. 1 g chili powder (1/4 tsp) Hi Maryam, He will seal the edge of the lid with chapati dough (or any bread dough) to prevent steam from escaping from the pot. ©2018 Taste of Asian Food. Hi Nicci, I’m going to purchase it from there florida store so that is why i wanted to be sure before buying He just loved it!!! Pre-cooked the rice for three minutes will solve this problem, in which the chicken and the rice will reach the desired doneness at the same time. You can replace veggies with tomato in the rice. I’m just asking as even if cut the onions really thinly, at the end they were really visible but still tasty, but it looked messy with the rice I will sure put in the effort to have more quality recipe in future. © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. The amount of rice in this recipe is 500g. Marinate the meat for at least half a day, preferably overnight if time is allowable. One can also find this biryani rice or kuska in South Indian restaurants with a Non-vegetarian Meal.