When to Wean. Having a supply of frozen breast milk on hand will help ease baby’s transition. Oftentimes, weaning might feel like taking one step forward and two steps backward. This method involves not offering to nurse but also not refusing your child's expressed desire to nurse. Sometimes an illness or injury forces separation from your baby, and brings about an abrupt weaning process. Don't offer, don't refuse Probably the most gentle active approach is "don't offer-don't refuse". Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. Breastfeeding Weaning Tips. Cold compresses are also really great. So if you’re also wondering about how to stop breastfeeding a 1 year old, I’ve made a list of the tips I found as well as an example of a breastfeeding weaning schedule. It helps me relax and relieves the excess pressure of having too much milk. As you’re taking in all of this information, remember that these are simply suggestions. You might have a certain idea of how you’d like things to go and your baby may go in a completely different direction. Your breastfeeding journey is ending, but so many exciting adventures are ahead for you and your little one! As such, they are meant to be helpful, not prescriptive and certainly not judgmental. See our disclosure policy for more details. Weaning from breastfeeding is the process of switching a baby’s diet from breast milk to other foods and drinks. YOUR Best Weaning Tips: “Cabbage leaves on your boobs and peppermint dry you up too” – @hrumz15 “Peppermint essential oil applied to your breasts! Each child may be ready to wean, or stop breastfeeding, at different ages. Tips for Breastfeeding Weaning Pain. Relieve the pressure The thing is, we are human. At this point she was only nursing for about five minutes before she became bored, so I savored those last few minutes I had. Read on to learn more about when and how to wean. Weaning From Breastfeeding: Schedule + Tips I remember rocking her in my arms as I nursed her one last time. In this blog I will give you some tips and our weaning story. Many moms move into this naturally as their child gets older. Plan for the unexpected. When to wean is a personal decision and will be different for everyone. In this article, you’ll find several contemporary weaning tips that are compatible with Montessori child development principles. Weaning can be a messy and difficult process. It tends to take longer than other methods, so it's not one that's likely to bring a quick weaning if you're in a hurry. Warm showers always help when I’m weaning my babies. I usually hand express excess milk while I’m in there so I don’t have to pump later. We often learn and speak a lot about establishing breastfeeding and all that comes with that but equally as challenging and emotional for many mums is the time of weaning your breastfed baby. Montessori Weaning Tips and Guidelines.