Press eNter to proceed . NexStar Evolution Mount: Packed with convenient features, including manual release clutches and precision machined worm gears for both axes, tray lighting, USB charge port, tray lighting for your accessories, and more. Use of the optional GPS Accessory will eliminate the need to enter date, time and location information into StarSense. View and Download Celestron StarSense AutoAlign 94006 manual online. It uses an internal camera to capture an image of the stars in the sky, and analyze it to identify the stars in the image. Press stars. Celestron’s SkySync GPS Accessory (#93969). for Sky-Watcher mounts. … The first option shown is Named for named stars . View and Download Celestron StarSense EXPLORER LT 114AZ quick setup manual online. The Celestron StarSense AutoAlign device is an accessory for Celestron telescope mounts that automatically aligns itself with the night sky. Celestron StarSense AutoAlign Review. Nexstar hand control (8 pages) Accessories Celestron NexImage User Manual. Canon binoculars instruction manual (36 pages) Celestron Solar system imager (33 pages) Accessories Celestron 93515 Catalog. 1. Accessories Celestron StarSense AutoAlign Manual (15 pages) Accessories Celestron 21020 Communication Protocol Manual. telescope, a StarSense Auto (as outlined previous-ly) or StarSense manual alignment must first be performed . CELESTRON TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY A. Celestron warrants your telescope mount to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years. StarSense EXPLORER LT 114AZ telescope pdf manual download. This allows your telescope to establish tracking and rough goTo accuracy . StarSense AutoAlign 94006 camera accessories pdf manual download. Also for: 22452.