And while the price of Windows 10 laptops has come down over the years, they are still likely to be more expensive than most Chromebooks. But recognizing kids will be kids, every ThinkBook undergoes stringent tests to withstand spills, bumps, drops, dust and extreme temperatures. Still need help with your laptop decision? As you might guess, it also features the Google suite of services, such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Docs. Instead of the more popular Windows, Chromebooks run on Google’s Chrome lightweight operating system. Absolutely, a Chromebook can be a college laptop. When it comes to the right computer for a college student, the choices become even more clear.. Chromebooks as a blanket recommendation for students applies more to younger users. Tablets, accessories & electronics deals are here for the whole family! Shop our best deals of the year & find the monitor that's right for you, plus FREE SHIPPING! Google reworked its well-known Chrome browser to serve as Chromebook’s operating system. Savings don't get better than this. Lenovo options run the gamut from basic, budget-friendly models to top-of-the-line powerhouses that can crunch numbers and render images with ease. Shop the Premium Yoga Smart Tab with the Google Assistant! Regardless of your choice for this important investment, it is crucial that you buy. The first thing you need to consider when picking out your college laptop is what your major is. As a student moves up in both age and grades, though, the advantage tilts toward a Windows machine. What are the Best Free Android Apps for my Tablet? If you’re working to a tighter budget for your next laptop – say, under $400 – then it’s a decision between an entry-level Windows laptop or a Chromebook. Laptops have a far wider range of sizes and weights, but you can easily find a Chromebook-sized laptop. Along with having an operating system that’s simple to use and nearly impossible to disrupt, because Chromebooks lack many of the sensitive internal components found in a Windows laptop, they stand up much better to being bumped, jostled or dropped. Sure, they have somewhat different specs than your traditional Intel-powered, off-the-shelf notebook, but the big feature that sets them apart is Chrome OS. Chromebook vs Windows Laptop. Understanding Graphics Cards for Gaming Laptops. Will the computer be strictly for school, or do you plan to use it for other tasks as well? Lenovo’s Ideapad series has many options that compare to the ultraportable Chromebook. No matter what type of computer your family has at home, you need to carefully consider your college computer and according to the way you plan to work. Let the experts at Lenovo help! Chromebook vs. a Laptop for College. With a … Because they don’t include many of the internal components that are a part of a Windows laptop, Chromebooks are much lighter and offer a longer battery life that most Windows machines. More than half the computers around the globe run some version of Windows, meaning that it’s rare to come across a software package that Windows won’t run. Shop entry level to high-performance rigs, plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING. When considering a Chromebook vs. a laptop, the hardware features that are available are an important consideration before making a purchase. Chromebooks vs. Laptops for College Students. Unless the work in which a college student is engaged is limited to conducting research and writing term papers, a Windows 10 machine is the way to go. In most ways, Chromebooks are just laptops. What are Some Best Free Game Apps for Android? A Chromebook is a good choice for a student that is primarily using the computer for web browsing, word processing, or streaming video and audio. Apps run in the Chrome browser, meaning that most program icons on the Chromebook’s desktop are actually links to online programs. … Many consumers on a budget, including college students, appreciate the friendly prices available when buying a Chromebook. So as students return to school, many are considering the purchase of a new laptop. Finally, some laptop users install Linux as an alternative to either of the other operating systems. If you prefer a certain brand of computers, no need to worry. Market-Leading Software for the Dynamic Business, Chromebook vs. a Laptop for College or School, ThinkAgile MX Certified Node (with Microsoft), Comparative advantages: Chromebooks vs. standard laptops. Many Chromebooks, like the Asus Chromebook Flip or the Acer Chromebook … What are Some Best Free Texting Apps for Android? You might expect to pay between $200-350 for a Chromebook that lets you do everything you need without breaking the bank or straining your back when you put it in your backpack. Many traditional laptops pale in comparison to modern Chromebooks, as the latter features cutting-edge technology. Software like the Microsoft Suite is not available on Chromebook, so if you need to create Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to work collaboratively, this is crucial. If you haven’t decided which way to go, consider a few details about laptops to help make your decision. That’s particularly important when choosing a laptop for kids. On the other hand, because Chromebooks are dependent on Internet connectivity, features can be limited when offline or slow if your connection is slow. Save up to an extra 5% on PCs & Servers, plus business financing. Not everyone wants minimalism. Need assistance with your device? For young students who may not be as mindful of a sensitive piece of electronic equipment, need a simple interface, have only a few basic applications they need to use and are on a tight budget, a Chromebook is certainly worthy of consideration. Durability: Laptops … There are a few things students should think about before purchasing a Chromebook. Windows 10 was designed with touch in mind, so if you desire tablet functionality it’s a great option. Computers have long been a required part of every student’s back-to-school toolkit, and the increasing prevalence of remote learning have made them even more important. Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system, with features specifically designed for students including easy document conversion, new apps for taking screenshots and tools to increase available storage. That may make a Chromebook a better choice as a first computer for an elementary school student. Should I buy a Chromebook or a Windows machine? Of course, those features come at a cost. Start your shopping now! It’s budget and the battery life is amazing! For gamers, Windows 10 includes an Xbox app and other Xbox-related features, providing access to Xbox Live community features, remote control and even second-screen functionality with selected games and applications. A Windows 10 laptop is likely to be heavier than most Chromebooks, which can be a consideration if you have to carry it to class. Several popular and respected. But if you’re looking for a powerful, all-around computer that can handle tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, a Windows laptop may be the better choice. As you can see, you have more options in operating systems when it comes to buying laptops, so if you have a favorite, keep this in mind. This concept might sound unusual, but it allows for lightning-fast startup and high-powered performance. I started college using a 9" netbook for all of my note-taking needs (which I got in HS), then shortly added a beefier laptop for my room (desktop was not a good option for the distance I lived from home). The critical question in the Chromebook vs. laptop debate, then, is which one is best for my needs? Things to consider when choosing a laptop. As mentioned above, when it comes to the Chromebook vs. laptop choice the factors to consider include who’ll be using it and for what it will be used. Apple also makes a line of MacBooks that run on their own operating system known as MacOS. A middle-or high-school student will likely want a computer that can not only play music and videos but can handle the latest games as well. Updates occur in the background with no action required on the user’s part. Chromebooks are generally built with lower-performance processors than a Windows machine. With the right Windows 10 machine, users can accomplish tasks ranging from the simplest social media application to the most complicated and resource-intensive video processing program. What’s your budget? As a result of that and the lack of those internal components, Chromebooks are often less expensive than a Windows laptop, although some recent models are more powerful (and more expensive). Unless the work in which a college student is engaged is limited to conducting research and writing term papers, a Windows 10 machine is the way to go. Whether you're a K-12 student or heading to college, Lenovo’s IdeaPad laptops are affordable, easy to use, and ready for the modern collaborative classroom.