These Eclipse shortcuts are very helpful for editing code in Eclipse: 5) Ctrl + / for commenting, uncommenting lines and blocks. 1. 29) Alt+Shift+X, Q to run Ant build file using keyboard shortcuts in Eclipse. Nevertheless, call it information fatigue or simply a matter of style, deserving shortcuts frequently remain overlooked. 20) Ctrl + Q for going to last edited place. Now I just have to look for this shortcut in the first column to find the IntelliJ equivalent. 26) Ctrl+Shift+L to view the listing for all Eclipse keyboard shortcuts. These Eclipse shortcuts will mostly work almost all Eclipse versions, e.g. (solution)How to fix the JAR dependency not working in Eclipse Maven Plugin? Eclipse supports of course the typical shortcuts, e.g. 20) Ctrl + T for toggling between supertype and subtype, 22) Move to one problem (i.e. 1) Ctrl + Shift + T for finding class even from jar. – Ctrl+O to jump to any field/function in the current file. I was a big fan of Netbeans IDE before coming across Eclipse because I was from the J2ME background and Netbeans provide sophisticated IDE environment to enable you to build, debug and run your Java application in various mobile emulator including some advanced processing options e.g. 11) Ctrl + / for commenting, uncommenting lines and blocks, see here for live example. : error, warning) to the next (or previous) in a file: Ctrl +. As I said, I was a NetBeans fan at the start of my career but hen I joined an investment bank I came across Eclipse IDE, since everybody in my team is using and Netbeans IDE was not available in company (don’t know why that was not allowed net-beans even though it was free) I have decided to go Eclipse way. 25) CTRL+Shift+G, which searches the workspace for references to the selected method or variable. 4. This is another beautiful Eclipse shortcut that can fix up an error in Eclipse. (guide)Eclipse shortcut for System.out.println() statements (shortcut)How to escape String literal in a Java file when posted on Eclipse? 29) Alt+Shift+X, Q to run Ant build file using keyboard shortcuts in Eclipse. 8) Selecting class and pressing F4 to see its Type hierarchy, 10) Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + w for closing current file. It used to magically search those projects and go there instead of the jar for found references when I do ctrl shift g. Thanks a lot for your time in advance. One thing my project referenced libraries are jars inside the referencing project, and each has a corresponding eclipse project. : error, warning) to the next (or previous) in a file: Ctrl +. All the conflicting applications/plugins will be displayed there. These are different Eclipse keyboard shortcuts which doesn’t fit into any category but quite helpful and make life very easy while working in Eclipse. Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Description; F4: Ctrl + h: show the type hierarchy: Ctrl + Alt + g: Ctrl + Alt + F7: find usages: Ctrl + Shift + u: Ctrl + F7: finds the usages in the same file: ... Ctrl + Shift + a will be your master key to open all the doors. This is similar to above Eclipse shortcut with the only difference being that it can find out not only Java files but any files including XML, configs, and many others. (guide)How to do the static import in Java Eclipse? ... Ctrl + Shift + G ⌘ + Shift + G: Shows all the calls for selected method or constructor: 0 0 vote. Knowing your tool better certainly helps you to deliver more in less time and find something really quick when a production issue arise. Top 30 Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts for Java Programmers. ROMANIA_engineer. Select the exact key for which conflict is being reported. (guide)How to increase console buffer size in Eclipse? I know it’s Ctrl + O in Eclipse. While working with a high-speed trading system which has a complex code, I often need to find classes with the just blink of the eye and this Eclipse keyboard shortcut is just made for that. Eclipse provides keyboard shortcuts for the most common actions. Using shortcuts is usually preferable as you can perform actions much faster. ctrl+shift+b Set a line break point in the ABAP editor In case you need a complete list of all available shortcuts you can use the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-L in eclipse that opens a small window with a detailed list.Hope there are some interesting shortcuts in the list for you. 2. It will find any command available or … Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. (answer)How to fix Eclipse Not able to connect Internet or Market Place error? (solution)How to compare two files in Eclipse IDE? This tutorial is about 30 Eclipse keyboard shortcuts, this list is by no means complete and I will suggest you guys share eclipse shortcuts listed other than here to make this more useful. Marketing Blog. Over a million developers have joined DZone. 10 Frameworks Java and Web Developer Should learn, 10 Essential Testing Tools for Java developers, 10 Tips to become a better Java Programmer in 2018, Developer See the original article here. There are so many debugging tools and features available in Eclipse, which many Java programmer don't know about, e.g. Using shortcuts in Eclipse Using shortcuts make a developer more productive. 26) Ctrl+Shift+L to view the listing for all Eclipse keyboard shortcuts 3.5, 3.6 Helios, Eclipse Ganymede and Indigo. Eclipse Debugging Techniques And TricksThe Eclipse Guided Tour - Part 1 and 210 Things Java Developer should learn in 2018?10 Frameworks Java and Web Developer Should learn10 Essential Testing Tools for Java developers10 Tips to become a better Java Programmer in 2018, If you like this tutorial and wants to learn more productivity tips, tricks and new features of Eclipse IDE, then you can also see following guides and tutorials:How to attach source code of a JAR file in Eclipse? 12) Ctrl + Shift + / for commenting, uncommenting lines with block comment, see here for example. This list contains the most common eclipse shortcuts for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. No matter whether you have class in your application or inside any JAR, this shortcut will find it. 2) Ctrl + Shift + R for finding any resource (file), including config XML files. (steps)How to debug a Java Program in Eclipse IDE? No matter whether you have class in your application or inside any JAR, this shortcut will find it. Skip to main content. (solution)How do you create JUnit tests in Eclipse IDE? These are different Eclipse keyboard shortcuts that don't fit on any category, but they can be quite helpful while working in Eclipse. Article Rating. This keyboard shortcut in Eclipse is my most used and favorite shortcut. Let me know if you face any issues while using these Eclipse shortcuts in any particular version of Eclipse IDE. While working with a high-speed trading system has a complex code, I often need to find classes with the just blink of the eye. coding, development, and debugging, then I also suggest you take a look at Beginners Eclipse Java IDE Training Course, one of the best course to learn how to use Eclipse effectively from Java programmer's perspective.