I have taken a Kaplan SAT Prep course last summer. Those preparing for the test essentially have to adapt to the test’s structure and potentially change the way they respond to certain problematic question types by understanding specifically what works and what doesn’t work for them. Magoosh tries to make up for the size of its question and test bank by offering more than just a text explanation to the problem’s answers. Founded in 1938, with 80 years of test prep experience, helping more than 3 million individuals globally achieve their educational and career goals through programs; Exclusive Kaplan U.S. course materials; 6-month unlimited Kaplan online resources; The Best Kaplan Instructors. The practice questions and tests that Kaplan writes are not very realistic. would have to outsource additional learning materials. preparing the right way for the GRE is also about understanding and learning from your mistakes so that you have the best possible chance at improving your score when it comes time for the actual exam. I did like the presentation of these videos, as they made me feel like I was in the room with the instructor rather than listening/watching through a screen. Magoosh GRE prep lags behind Kaplan when it comes to the number of practice questions and exams. Besides knowing how to pass the exam with a competitive score, the teachers are selected on their ability to be helpful and discuss difficult concepts. It may seem like overkill to some, but most students can rest assured that there is enough content in their weakest areas to learn the basics and improve to expert level. The teachers constantly push you to strive towards your best possible self through positive reinforcement and repetition. Again, it's crucial to also practice with the official ETS GRE powerprep tests, which are much more realistic than those offered by Kaplan. Unfortunately, when it comes to the quality and content of the recorded math lectures, I found these to be less helpful during the quantitative section overview. Yet, like most other exam tutors and instructors would point out, the GRE is a standardized exam, meaning that it is somewhat predictable. The concepts themselves are not overly complex. Practice is wholly ineffective if you are not practicing on tests that actually mimic the content and functionality of the real time exam. GRE Prep | SAT / ACT Prep | GRE Verbal Course | GRE Math Guide | 2 Month GRE Study Plan | GRE Vocabulary Cartoons | Privacy Policy, Vince's 4 main options to help you with your GRE prep are, Now, there are other – perhaps more promising – online packages available to choose from. Kaplan GRE test prep has developed an extensive library of materials. Also, the format of Kaplan’s practice MCAT exams essentially mirrors that of the official test. Although this particular program offers email-based support (so that students can email an unspecified tutor and get a response), the response time is sort of lax. Work on questions as a group. Since anyone taking the GRE is preparing for a computer-based exam, one cannot prepare for this test using a book alone. gives those preparing for the GRE a realistic sense of what the exam is like; I believe that this is the best way to prepare for the exam. I'm so happy I chose Kaplan. But, the GRE tests math concepts that I learned in grade school, so, for me, I would need a program that offers a more in-depth quantitative overview of the concepts tests on the exam than Kaplan’s Self-Paced course. The price of the Magoosh GRE premium plans ranges between $129 for the plan that lasts only one month and $149 for 6-month access to all the provider’s learning materials. GRE Diagnostic Test and personalised study plan; GRE Channel Access; 3 months Access to Kaplan's Online Study Centre with 5000+ practice items; 7 full-length practice tests with performance tracking … How Much Does the Magoosh GRE Prep Cost? The price range for this package starts at $2199 for 15 hours of instruction, $3299 for 25 hours of instruction, and $4399 for 35 hours of instruction. The variety of tutoring options ensures students can study from different approaches that suit them. The tutor mode allows users to take their time with each question and offers an answer breakdown. Users can pick the subject matter (reading comprehension, text completion, data sufficiency, etc. Kaplan GRE Prep Review My friend works at Kaplan Test Prep and sent me info that Kaplan is offering free prep until November and I thought I'd share the info with you all: Kaplan Test Prep will be giving out free GRE study guides and hosting free online events for three months, topics including Verbal & Quant Strategies. With Kaplan’s program, if a user’s GRE score doesn’t improve after completing an entire course, they might qualify for either a full refund or what is referred to as the “Highest Score Guarantee.” Meaning, if a user is unhappy with the score or program, he or she could be eligible to retake the same course at no additional charge; however, if a user chooses to retake the course, then he or she will no longer be qualified for a refund. Kaplan offers the widest variety of test prep options, at the most locations and the most times. GRE scores give graduate admissions evaluators a metric to use to make “apples-to-apples” comparisons between students who would otherwise be difficult to judge on an equal footing (because of different backgrounds or whatever).