For the entrance hole, use an appropriate size for the bird species you want to attract. From a 1/2-inch dowel, cut a perch 2 inches long. Fence Board Birdhouse Plan 22. This Father’s Day, we wanted to come up with a project that was easy, kid-friendly, and dad-approved. Cedar Fence Picket Birdhouse We made birdhouse building even better by using cedar fence pickets - costing less than $2 each (even up here in Alaska) and naturally weather resistant, cedar fence pickets are the perfect building material for little birdhouses. Picket Fence Birdhouse A single piece of fence board has been utilized to build this rustic shelter for the little birds. This Instructable is for the hanging birdhouse is the basis for the flush mount birdhouse, so you will benefit from reading on. On the front face, drill the 1-1/2-inch opening and a 1/2-inch hole for the perch. The only materials you need to build these birdhouse plans is a 6 foot piece of 1x6 cedar fence board and an old license plate (for the roof). Glue and clamp the two sides to the back panel. You may want to build a Cardinal nesting shelter birdhouse. Birdhouse, Bird House Hand Painted & Handmade From Cedar Fence Board, Birdhouse Small Bird Nest Box, Rustic Birdhouse, Garden Wood Birdhouse Rustic hanging bird house ready to serve the bird's need in your backyard garden (or front). Behold! Cardinals are beautiful birds with their brilliant red feathers. Sand the surfaces smooth and glue the perch in place. The best location for a Cardinal box will be to place underneath the overhang of the house and about 6 feet or higher to prevent predators from attacking it. Birdhouses offer a safe, secure place for birds to build their nests. Cut two 6" side pieces. I found a baby bird in my yard that had fallen out of its nest. Birds that nest in cavity holes love my birdhouses that are made specifically for small cavity nesting birds. This birdhouse … This can also be make out of one single fence board. Saw Work: Cut four 9" pieces for the gable ends and roof pieces. If you are using a screw to hold the floor in place, center a 5/32" hole 3/8" from the bottom edge. If you don't have a license plate, you can use a 6-inch x 12-inch piece of tin. Center this on one of your 8" pieces, 3" from the bottom. Save the scrap for the floor. Sides of houses, fence rails, and free-standing poles are suitable sites, but be wary of trees—they give squirrels easy access. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Dawn Levasseur's board "Birdhouse Fence" on Pinterest. The $5 birdhouse. I love this design because it’s so simple—all of the pieces are cut from a single board of cedar fencing, which is wonderful for many reasons. Cut the board according to the Project & Cutting Diagram. See more ideas about bird house, bird houses, yard art. Sand all the parts smooth with 150-grit sandpaper. Barn Birdhouse Plans