They are trained to be able to perform traditional nursing duties, yet they also have special training that helps The nurse identifies the older adult who is most likely to experience problems with role changes as the: a. According to the U.S. Census, by 2050 more than 20% of Americans—88 million people—will be over age 65. There is a national shortage of nurses in general related to the Baby Boomer population entering retirement, and the increased health needs of the growing aging population. Role Exploration Mary A. Beyer NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Fall, 2011 Role Exploration Role Chosen The role I chose to examine is that of Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, or Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. The Role of the Geriatric Nurse in the Nursing Shortage The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that employment for nurses will increase at a rate of 16% by 2024. 2016 Feb;32(1):33-43. doi: 10.1016/j.soncn.2015.11.005. b. 65-year-old grandmother who cares for her grandchildren while the mother works. Home > March 1991 - Volume 22 - Issue 3 > The Geriatric Nurse Specialist Role: A New Model Log in to view full text. As the U.S. population ages, this career is in high demand. Epub 2015 Nov 17. Geriatric staff nurses focus on caring for older adults. Geriatric Nurse Education Graduates can start their geriatric nursing career with a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. A geriatric nurse, or gerontological nurse, is a type of nurse that helps care for aging and elderly individuals. 7. 70-year-old retired business owner who Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities What Does a Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Do? The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Geriatric Oncology Care Semin Oncol Nurs. Yet less than 1% of registered nurses and 3% of advanced practice registered nurses are certified in […] I specifically chose this role Geriatric clinical nurse specialists are professionals who are skilled in patient care, mental health, treatment planning, and rehabilitative care for older adults to promote healthy aging and maximum functioning, and quality of life. The Role of Geriatric Nurses Geriatric nursing specializes in providing care for the elderly population, implying the care is provided at home, in hospitals, and institutions such as psychiatric and nursing homes.