Founded in 1908, HBS was the first institution in the world to grant a Masters in Business Administration. Tracy P. Palandjian, MBA 1997. George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is an American politician and businessman who served as... All 33 George W. Bush Original Paintings That Were Made Public. Michael R. Bloomberg, MBA 1966. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Harvard Business School. Contact Information. This is not Ann’s first big media job, in a career that has included being chief operating officer (COO) at the Women’s NBA, VH1, and at BBC North America. He’s particularly remembered at Harvard Business School for his philanthropy, namely the Bloomberg Center (named after Michael’s father) which was built with help from his donations to the school. Facebook’s rise to success has often been credited not to Mark Zuckerberg’s technological prowess but to Sheryl Sandberg’s strategic genius. Michael G. Mullen, AMP 109, 1991. The list includes people like Ratan Tata, Bill Ackman, Michael Collins, Sunil Bharti Mittal & Jim Lovell. People on this list must have gone to Harvard Business School and be of some renown. Prominent graduates from Harvard Business School include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. If you want your child to support you in your old age, start dropping hints about Harvard now. Henry, or ‘Hank’, Paulson’s career has flitted between finance and politics, from the Pentagon to becoming CEO of Goldman Sachs in 1998. He is the chairman and... People Who Should Be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, All The Things That Were A Thing In 2019, Ranked. Harvard Business School Notable Alumni | 17 Famous MBAs 1. Tyra Banks. She served in several positions in Reagan and both Bush administrations, as well as become director of the US Peace Corps. From CEOs of the world’s biggest corporations, to leading political figures—even counting a US President among its alumni—Harvard’s MBA has an illustrious network. He now runs the Paulson Institute, aimed at promoting sustainable and cleaner growth. The 20 Most Notable Harvard Alumni in the Business World. Discover the notable alumni of Harvard Business School. Information on the Harvard Business School - contacts, students, faculty, finances. List below includes George W. Bush, Tyra Banks and more graduates. Harvard Business School Greater Boston Area. List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to Harvard Business School and be of some renown. He also co-founded alt right platform Breitbart News, and was a vice president for the illegal data hacking organization Cambridge Analytica. Harvard Business School Notable Alumni. 4.6 (82 votes) Address: Soldiers Field Road Boston, … Tyra Lynne Banks (born December 4, 1973), also known as BanX, is an American … The 20 Most Notable Harvard Alumni in the Business World. Doctoral Program . In 2006, politics soon came calling, and Hank took up the post as Secretary of the Treasury under President George W. Bush. Srikant Datar, Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration and senior associate dean at Harvard Business School, will become the School’s next dean on January 1, succeeding current dean Nitin Nohria. Elaine Chao was the first Asian American woman to hold a position in the presidential cabinet, when she was appointed as US Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush. Grants: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Alumni … Harvard Business School boasts some of the world's richest and most influential alumni.