Quantum optics is the most complete theory of light. Quantum optics is a branch of quantum physics that focuses primarily on the behavior of light, or photons. [1] Contents. Throughout the history of quantum optics, experiments focused primarily on understanding the internal dynamics of the matter when interacting with the light field. It can explain all the optical phenomena observed so far. History; Concepts; Quantum electronics; See also; Notes; References Other articles where Quantum optics is discussed: light: Quantum optics: Quantum optics, the study and application of the quantum interactions of light with matter, is an active and expanding field of experiment and theory. Its highest form is Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory of light. Optics is known as the oldest discipline along with mechanics.The progress of the study of light has been made by the great scholars from different fields introduced here while leading other discipline and closely involved with the growth of industry and culture. Quantum optics is a field of research that deals with the application of quantum mechanics to phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter. At the level of quantum optics, the behavior of individual photons has a bearing on the outcoming light, as opposed to classical optics, which was … Foundations of quantum optics: interaction of two-level atoms with light; basic elements of laser theory; fundamental consequences of the quantization of the light field; introduction to modern optics in quantum optics. Quantum optics (QO) is a field of research that uses semi-classical and quantum-mechanical physics to investigate phenomena involving light and its interactions with matter at submicroscopic levels. The advent of laser required a careful description of the various sources of light. The Birth of Quantum Optics. An answer to this question led to a new field of study in Physics: Quantum Optics. In other words, it is quantum mechanics applied to photons or light. The question was: What is the fundamental difference between the conventional light sources, such as the sun, and the newly discovered laser light? Although quantum optics was only developed in recent decades, its origin can be For instance, in an ion trap quantum computer the motional states of the ions are of interest while the state of the light field is secondary. Quantum Optics . Progress in the development of light sources and detection techniques since the early 1980s has allowed increasingly sophisticated optical… The development of classical optics has a history of a few hundred years.