This is kind of an inductive method of doing this and there you go. (I certainly did, but quickly learned to know better.) Looking for existing solutions can be certainly beneficial, though you need to be careful in this case. I actually go through, for those of you who haven't see me code, oh yeah. I just want you to click the subscribe button so we can get, like, a million subscribers and get one of those gold YouTube things that I can cut in half. By, Jul 06, 2020 / You make the scope really, really small. Okay, so now I guess what we could do is we start at the end and then we grab that letter and then we set our counter, we go back one, and we grab the next letter, right. Problem solving skills can be improved with deliberate practice and awareness of thinking habits. Having a background in research-level mathematics, I had the opportunity to practice problem solving and observe the process. Solving for x = 1, or something like that. Okay. Isn't two enough? Now you say, oh, what if I had some weird inputs? By, Oct 12, 2020 / Unless you have a system, this is probably how you “solve” problems (which is what I did when I started coding): Try a solution. I don't get discouraged when I'm stuck so long as I find and understand why a solution works. Manually. Read on to see what to do when this is not the case. What if it just had one? The more problems you solve, the better you become at problem solving. They'll look and they'll search the database, and they'll find you and, when they do, they can send you an interview request – in fact, that's the only thing they can do – and they have to include what their salary is for that job – and you get interview requests directly. That's kind of an older blog post, so excuse my immaturity in my voice, writing style? ", How to Learn to CODE. Because, I guarantee you, you cannot solve a problem that you do not understand. You want to see that? I got a question about this from Ken, but before we get into that, I do want to take a moment to thank the sponsor for this video, which is Take a look. If you're investigating something at work, go through the source code, go through the thing and clearly understand in your head what is the problem? Now you've got the solution. I created my own YouTube algorithm (to stop me wasting time), All Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know in 2021, 5 Reasons You Don’t Need to Learn Machine Learning, Object Oriented Programming Explained Simply for Data Scientists, A Collection of Advanced Visualization in Matplotlib and Seaborn with Examples. He is the best selling author of the book "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to get good at solving problems is to solve a lot of problems, right? You can use for finding codes for every word in the messages or sentences. When you understand your constraints and have a somewhat precise problem specification, it is time to get to work. John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer and a life coach for software developers. And it’s a hu… ", How LinkedIn Can Help You Land a Programming Job, If You Feel Like Giving Up WATCH THIS NOW. But let's talk about actually solving problems, okay? To make the situation realistic, let’s place ourselves into the following scenario: we are deep learning engineers, working on an object detection model. Once you understand the problem, here's the next thing. By, Jun 08, 2020 / In general, there is a balance between the ruthless pragmatism and the outside of the box thinking. Rather. Add each result … Okay, but let's get back to this. So that's how I solve problems, okay? The most extreme case I have seen was a developer, who wrote his own deep learning framework. The manual stuff that you did. Do Software Developers Really Need Degrees? We need to reverse that. Try to think about it and figure that out, okay? Some can do this instinctively after years of practice, some has to put conscious effort to learn it. As an engineer, developer or data scientist, being effective in problem solving can really supercharge your results and put you before your peers. Depending on the magnitude of the problem itself, you should consider open sourcing it, if you are allowed. Most people, they panic. You can check them out by going to and, if you go there, all you got to do is fill an application and what will happen is that if you meet some of the criteria that Hired has – I don't know what they are, don't ask me, all right? I started from a very specific problem: building active learning pipelines for bioinformatics. I'm taking CS classes part-time and learning code outside of the class. I work full-time and want my learning to be as effective as possible. You'll either get the wrong solution or you just won't have the ability to do it, because how can you? The only way you are going to have confidence in getting better is to practice it. So read it through multiple times, make sure that you really, really understand. Click the subscribe button. You can check out the playlist on solving algorithms or coding algorithms. E very single line of code ever written was ultimately made with one purpose in mind: to solve problems. I'm going to do a bunch of resources, one more resource. Now you test a wide array of inputs and then, finally, you're not done yet. Rather, it is a thinking process with some well-defined and easy to use tools, which can be learned by anyone. When you implement something in a way that is usually done, you are doing a favor for the developers who are going to use and maintain that piece of code. Thanks for the videos, John.”. In your context, automated test is UI automation done by tester, but this is not real world problem. You start there and you figure out how to do that manually, okay? And I'm giving you this sort of kind of an algorithm perspective, but this works for whatever kind of problem that you're trying to solve. You see what I'm saying? A small one-liner solves a problem which makes a function work. By, Aug 27, 2020 / The first thing you must always do is to look for existing solutions. The function is needed for a data processing pipeline. Tell Noah. A small one-liner solves a problem which makes a function work. There is a common trait which I have noticed in many excellent mathematicians and developers: they enjoy picking apart a solution, analyzing what makes them work. And if you use that link, by the way, you'll get $2,000 if you get a job through Hired instead of 1,000, so you'll definitely want to go to and tell them John Sonmez sent you. You write out the comments of the steps. When most programmers are given a programming problem in an interview, they make several key mistakes. I don't know. Next, if you're writing code, here's what you do. This time I am going to try and give you some good tools to enable you to get good at solving programming problems. Why do I think that you need three? By, May 13, 2020 / Okay, so let's talk about problem solving. The pipeline is integrated to a platform which enables a machine learning driven solution for its users. Tell them that. Let's us the smallest instance. Then reversing it is the string, you just return, right? Enough kidding around. If that doesn’t work, repeat step 2 until you luck out. Problems are everywhere. -  Designed by Thrive (I’m Using It Now), Copyright 2018 by Simple Programmer. I can't use string reverse functions. I'm going to talk about algorithm stuff first. All right, if you liked this video, if you didn't like this video, if you're just like, man, I just got to see what kind of crazy shit that John is going to do. Be serious here, okay. Why Flowcharts Should be a Developer’s Best Friend, The Good, Not-So-Good, and Ugly Facts about VPNs. What next? Because user would never user Browser in the same way as your UI automation script. So that's a pretty cool system. How we deal with them is sometimes, well…pretty random. Smart approach to solving ‘Coding-Decoding’ questions. And you manually do this, right. If that's problem that's given to you or if you're solving a problem at work, you need to get a full understanding: what is the problem I'm trying to solve? I solved the distinct powers problem by going the brute-force route. You want to solve the simpler cases of it, how can you simplify the problem as much as possible, and then you want to basically take a manual process, see what could work at the simple solution, and then scale that up to x = any number.