Required fields are marked *. In the interest of transparency, we didn’t do this but I sure wish we would have! I’m Kim Mayo, and I'm so glad you could stop by. Ours is built with 2x6s and we added another piece of facing trim to cover any gaps, with the baseboard on top of that. I’m no stranger to the concept of hacking IKEA products, though we actually had never done it ourselves. Would you say the spacer is must-have if I don't remove the baseboards? Not gonna lie, it takes some time and effort to get a custom look. listeners: [], Thanks, Carissa! Next week we’ll have the big reveal and talk about what to put back in this gorgeous space. It appears there is a little bit of overhang into the functional part of the cabinet? Some of them will probably be covered up by the new PAX, but it’s easier just to fill them so you don’t have to worry. Check out YouTube for some good videos on installing crown molding. Yay! I paint all of the trim with two coats of shiny, high-gloss white. I’m totally in love with Ikea PAX wardrobes! I love this one about the quarter round, I was trying to figure out what to use without getting a table saw and just using a hand one :). Kan ik een achterwand voor een pax kast los bestellen? Any idea how much this all costs? You’ll get access to the amazing free resource library, including the closet planner. We wanted the bottom to sit flush and that left a gap in the back that we covered with a piece of trim. I think the cashiers at Lowe’s we’re happy when we finished! I was absolutely giddy at this point! I have 5 1/4 trim. Here’s how we did it…. and subscribe to my newsletter. Level floors are rare… even in new homes. If it’s been more than a year, put it into a donate pile and out it goes! I know this feels like Step 800, not eight, but we’re getting there! The first step to customizing the wardrobe like this is to pull it out from the wall and cut out the baseboard. I assume there is at least a half inch or so of play between the cabinet side and the drawers making this possible. Is the 68.75 including or excluding the baseboards? Do you build the platform the exact height of the trim? We were able to find what we needed. Now that the closet is empty, it’s demo day! There is also an attic access door that restricts the depth of the PAX frame I could use which changes everything in my plan... Facepalm... Def remove baseboard so you can snug it against the wall. Geantwoord op 28-2-2016 om 22:41. 25 comments. 86% Upvoted. I didn’t actually paint the PAX. Pull all of the existing shelving out, as well as the baseboard trim. Slowly but surely, your dream closet is coming to life! Again, your closet looks beautiful and well done. The bases you will be building need a flat surface to sit on, so if you have carpet, you may need to remove some of it. I think pulls would be so pretty. Use sticky notes to mark each spot and label it with the accessory that goes there. Base for IKEA Pax Hack. my space is 69 inch wide and the frame combo I am planning to do is 68.75 inch, is that too much? Another question - how much space on either side of the frame do I need to leave for installation? Good eye, Sean! Or do you take into account the base of the pax.? Fill all of the holes left when you took the shelves down. Thanks again. You need to be very exact and patient. Je bepaalt alles helemaal zelf: afmetingen, kleur en stijl. Thanks for checking us out! Did you have lowe’s Cut it to size? I may have missed it – on your last post you said you had 6 1/2″ inches of space leftover… what did you do to fill that space? Be sure to take the tack strip up too. For the pants hangers, get a pair of pants and make sure they won’t drag the floor. Het PAX systeem van IKEA zijn garderobekasten of kledingkasten die je zelf helemaal naar wens kunt samenstellen met kasten in verschillende formaten, planken, ladekasten, hangers, kledingroedes, deuren, noem maar op. } Im curious, did you guys build the bases of the pax units a little different than instructed? 32. I used Sherwin Williams, bright white, high gloss for the wooden trim pieces we applied to finish the closet. There’s no real blueprint because every closet is different. Just removing the baseboard and leaving the PAX on the floor won’t give you a custom look. When you have checked and double checked the plan and each frame is in place, screw each one to the platform to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. The reveal is titled, “Ultimate IKEA PAX Hack.” If you click on the related post, it’ll take you there. I can’t reach the top, so I needed to find out how high I could reach to put the racks. What paint did you use to match the white? 00 (19) More options. Thanks for your kind words. PAX. It’s at the back of the closet, so it’s not very noticeable. You don’t have to paint the entire wall, as the PAX wardrobes have a back, but give yourself plenty of room for error! 968 aanbiedingen in november - Koop of Verkoop ikea pax kasten op Marktplaats - Bekijk Lokale Aanbiedingen! I don’t know but there might be something else for you to click, so I’m putting this out there. cannot answer your spacer question because not sure what a spacer is and where they'd go. event : event, Where can I see the finished product? You don’t want to get the bases all installed, only to realize that there is a big patch of wall that needs paint. It all starts with the baseboard. Wardrobe frame 39 3/8x22 7/8x92 7/8 "$ 105. We used piece of 1x 10 and ripped it down to fit. })(); Darlene @ Castle Revival recently posted…. If you’re considering tackling a project like this, check out my free closet planner printable. I know reading this makes it seem kinda easy, but it’s not. Kim. This is probably a good time to get rid of some things. callback: callback Love the idea and I’m just starting to turn my spare room into my closet and got the ikea furniture. Not that Ikea is paying me a commission. Darlene @ Castle Revival recently posted…Chalk Painting Tutorial for Side Tables. AND we don’t have table or miter saw (and no budget to get it) to just cut something we need to size. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Expect a little waste and a couple of trips to Lowe’s. There are lots of good information on how to cut particleboard on the internet, like this one here, so I’ll not go into the how’s. } Even though John had done crown before, he learned some things to make the job a little easier. After you have the bases built and installed, it’s a good time to paint. You are so right…there are always multiple trips to Lowe’s involved:( It’s when the people at Lowe’s know you and your kids by name, it’s time to wrap it up!! This means you can snugly get your Pax up against the wall. PAX looks great on its own and is super functional, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can make Ikea PAX look like custom cabinetry. forms : {