The IDFPR filing deadline for an April test is November 15 and the filing deadline for an October test is May 15. At this point there is a second four-year experience requirement that applies to all EIs. ... A minimum of 4 years of approved engineering experience is required before you may apply for your PE license. The only reason an Illinois SE would need to submit more info to NCEES, I believe, is if you want to apply your license to states outside of Illinois or create one of those "NCEES records." Its topics are an extension of the topics covered in the morning session. Next, NCEES compares your educational materials course-by-course to standards used by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) to evaluate engineering programs. If you don't have the PE, but only the SE in Illinois, some states your SE will translate into essentially a PE until you have the requirements and possibly test for the PE, depending on the state. EVALUATE YOUR FOREIGN DEGREE WITH THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EXAMINERS FOR ENGINEERING AND SURVEYING (NCEES). The CTS registration deadlines for the April and October tests are typically 1 month before the exams. Your FE exam includes a general engineering test in the a.m. and your choice of a general or specialized engineering topic for the p.m. Look at NCEE exam descriptions and study materials to decide which choice will be the best for you. For example: It is common for your NCEES degree evaluation to have several important differences from ABET standards. THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF ENGINEERING EXAM (PE). RRECIPROCITYAn agreement between states in which the licenses and credentials of one state are accepted for professional practice in another state. However, you may also wish to consider general engineering, especially if your test preparation time is limited. If you believe that you have some qualifying foreign experience, you will need to document this information using the VE-PNG (Verification of Employment/Experience) form that is a part of the application you will put together in Step 4. Be careful: a negative review can hurt your case. Whether you are a practicing engineer, a curious student, or an interested citizen, you can find the information you need here. It tests the theoretical and practical engineering knowledge you have gained through a minimum of four years of qualifying employment experience under the guidance of a legally practicing engineer. Unlicensed opportunities: many engineering workplaces have a demand for skilled workers who are not licensed as PE’s in Illinois. Fee *See attached Reference Sheet A for fi ling deadline. The state of Illinois does not participate in any agreements with other states and its approach to licensing mobility for newcomers is conservative: licensing by endorsement. However, test takers must provide their own calculators, chosen from an NCEES-approved list. Providing additional documentation about your program of study, such as syllabi or course descriptions, can help CPEES and AACRO make the most of your degree evaluation. If you need assistance with your application, contact the IDFPR at (708) 354-9911 ext. Profession Name 3. In either case, some employers see the value in helping their engineers with licensing mobility when their business crosses state boundaries. Supervisors will put forms in sealed envelopes. 7. They are: Your background in a specific field of engineering practice such as mechanical or civil engineering may make choosing its module for the afternoon session appear to be an easy decision. If you have to take additional college math classes to qualify for the FE exam, consider taking math courses that you mastered in high school; often these are equivalent to US college subjects and will make your studying easier.