One possibility is that drug-tolerant bacteria cause the lingering symptoms. After that experience, it was abundantly clear that we need better treatments. During a podcast, the author of "Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change" talks about the growing worldwide threat of this disease and the urgent need for more research into treatment and prevention. These protective persisters form when the bacteria are threatened with defensive immune system biochemicals or antibiotics. Along the way, I've met many people suffering with this horrible, lingering disease. If you are a Giving Tuesday participant, we hope you’ll include in your donations. Rajadas and Pothineni have patented the compound for the treatment of Lyme disease and are working with a company to develop an oral form of the drug. Written by Mary Cooke, Ph.D. on March 25, 2020 — Fact checked by Eleanor Bird, M.S. It took ten doctors and a year to discover the root cause: We'd been bitten by unseen ticks … A study provides evidence that the drug azlocillin eliminates the bacteria that cause Lyme disease at the onset of infection in lab mice and cultures. A former science writer with Stanford Medicine, Kris Newby is the author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons. March 30, 2020. is a non-profit501(c)(3) that serves the patient community through advocacy, education and research. It is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. Standard treatment of Lyme disease is oral antibiotics, typically doxycycline, in the early stages of the disease; but for reasons that are unclear, the antibiotics don't work for up to 20% of people with the tick-borne illness. By Kate Arthur, Illinois State University Few researchers have studied how a tick’s brain works, but that’s what caught the attention of Dr. Carola Städele. That’s the federal lawsuit filed by a group of Lyme patients against the IDSA, six authors of the IDSA Lyme...’s Lonnie Marcum live-tweeted the November 17 online meeting of the federal Tick-Borne Disease Working Group. Stanford ENT surgeon discusses how viruses cause a loss of sense of smell, and what you should do about it in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2002, my husband and I became seriously ill after a vacation to Martha's Vineyard. The trial coordinators are still looking for volunteers. If the disease isn't treated promptly, it can lead to life-threatening heart issues and chronic neurological problems. That's why I was excited to hear about a study from Stanford Medicine researchers and their collaborators that provides evidence that the drug azlocillin eliminates the bacteria that cause Lyme disease at the onset of infection in lab mice and cultures. Thank you! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to co-author a newly published article in the “Journal of Medical Entomology.” It’s called Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases of Colorado, Including New State Record for Argus radiatus... by Bill Hathaway, Yale University Yale researchers have discovered a protein that helps protect hosts from infection with the tick-borne spirochete that causes Lyme Disease, a finding that may help diagnose and treat this infection, they report Nov. 11 in the journal PLOS... by Tracy Peake, North Carolina State University Researchers at North Carolina State University have identified a new species of Rickettsia bacteria that may cause significant disease in dogs and humans. Azlocillin also appears to kill drug-tolerant persisters very effectively. This drug is currently being evaluated in a clinical trial with previously-treated Lyme patients. Mar 12 2020. This new yet unnamed species, initially identified in three dogs, is part of... Press release from Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc. Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc., has announced the launch of the Nanotrap® Urine Test for Lyme Borreliosis. The year 2020 witnessed progress in innovations and the number of pipeline agents researched for Lyme Disease indication. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Early results of this team's screening process, first published in 2016, led to the discovery of another promising Lyme drug candidate, disulfiram, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of alcohol abuse disorder. About one in five Lyme patients continue to suffer from ongoing symptoms after being treated with the recommended course of antibiotics. The team zeroed in on azlocillin as a promising drug Comments? After the threat has passed, the bacteria can reemerge to cause active disease. Support from individuals like you helps us continue... LDO achieved Gold level: Committment To Transparency, © 2020   | PO Box 716, San Ramon, CA 94583   |, What makes ticks tick: researcher studies their every move, Final meeting of Working Group is Dec. 2; submit comments by Nov. 23, All 8 insurance companies settle in Lyme patient lawsuit against IDSA, Tweet summary of Nov.17 meeting of TBD Working Group, Activist co-authors journal article on Colorado ticks and their diseases, Researchers identify a protein that can help protect against Lyme disease, Researchers identify new Rickettsia species in dogs, Galaxy Diagnostics launches new direct-detection test for Lyme disease, Giving Tuesday is just one way to support Published on. During this meeting, the TBDWG will finalize and vote on the 2020 report to the HHS Secretary... All eight insurance companies named in Torrey v. Infectious Diseases Society of America have settled the case, according to journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer on Twitter. A study provides evidence that the drug azlocillin eliminates the bacteria that cause Lyme disease at the onset of infection in lab mice and cultures. Image courtesy of Michal Tal, PhD, instructor at Stanford's Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. This process W5 investigates a new treatment that is bringing new hope to … Ask your questions here. Many researchers believe that doxycyline's inability to clear the persisters may account for the ongoing symptoms of some Lyme sufferers. The 2020 Spring Lyme Times explores a broad range of topics including Disulfiram: A Breakthrough Drug for Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases? By Monica White Citizen science! Stanford University School of Medicine blog. In 2002, my husband and I became seriously ill after a vacation to Martha's Vineyard. March 30, 2020. Scientists predict the number of people suffering from a little-understood type of Lyme disease could spike to almost 2 million in 2020. Our main goal is to find the best compound for treating patients and stop this disease.". Author. This urine-based Lyme antigen test provides the most sensitive direct detection of Borrelia burgdorferi infection at all stages of the... By Carolyn Degnan Giving Tuesday, started nine years ago as a national day of charitable giving, falls on December 1 this year. From how to quarantine to how to monitor your oxygen levels, a Stanford physician offers tips on what to do if you have COVID-19. Potential treatment for Lyme disease kills bacteria that may cause lingering symptoms, study finds.