In the aftermath, Tracey angrily blames Michael for "ruining her life" again, which doesn't seem to bother him even a bit. He's theoretically won, but the spoils of victory aren't necessarily what he imagined. For the list of Michael De Santa's mission appearances, see Michael De Santa/Appearances. Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. After the event took place, Dave managed to keep his promise by having Michael and his family move to a luxurious mansion in Rockford Hills, Los Santos while in the witness protection program. Amanda finally hits her breaking point when Fabien does a sexual pose on her, which angers Michael, who then attempts to punch Fabien. All photos appear on this tab and here you can update the sort order of photos on memorials you manage. Their friendship is even further strained when Trevor begins to piece together the truth about Michael's survival and Brad's death, leading to a standoff between the two. From this point on, Trevor vowed to kill Michael, but still needed the man alive so they could team up again to pull off one big job. Black TailgaterRed Premier (Rental) Blue-Snow Covered Asea (Rental)ScorcherPlayer's choice Surprised that Franklin actually took the offer to heart, Michael offers to take him to a nearby bar. This offers more meaning and joy into Michael's life and if he was to call Solomon after the mission Meltdown, he'll declare that working with the film producer was ultimately the best thing to ever happen to him. After returning to Los Santos, Michael receives an unexpected visit from Trevor at his Rockford Hills mansion, who pitches him the idea of busting Brad out of jail. After Franklin's help with the jewelry store heist, Michael refers to Franklin as a true friend and the "son I always wanted". He toys with him, causing an eruption of anger amongst the family. Dave explains that Michael's decision to rob the Vangelico Jewelry Store has brought the spotlight on Dave in the FIB, and that if his superiors read his files and discover his deal with Michael it could cause serious repercussions for the pair of them. He shows approval as he's trying out outfits at Ponsonby's, opposite to the clear disdain of buying items from Suburban or Binco. However, unbeknownst to Franklin, Michael was also the source of Franklin's problems as the former's actions led to the latter being fired, being involved with federal crimes and being hung out to dry after he kills Michael under pressure. This is because in real life, Ned Luke, Michael's voice and motion-capture actor, is deaf in his right ear. Appearance(s) He frequently scolds the people around him for their mistakes and habits but refuses to acknowledge his own. Although Michael isn't obese or out of shape, many people around him will occasionally make fun of his rather large midsection, such as Jimmy and Trevor or even himself at many times. This goes according to plan, but when Michael meets Haines and Norton at the Kortz Center for debriefing, Haines attempts to arrest him to cover his involvement in the raid. Type Michael and Franklin are called up once again by Haines for one more job: to break into the FIB Headquarters and remove incriminating evidence against Haines. During the events of the game, Amanda can barely tolerate him any more due to his arrogant and hypocritical personality and verbally abusive behavior towards her. Franklin also notices Michael's personality and will confront him about it at times. Include gps location with grave photos where possible. According to Michael, he was imprisoned twice by the time he was twenty. GREAT NEWS! After being tortured by Cheng at a meat processing factory back in Los Santos, he is rescued by Franklin. Michael has unique, terrifying reactions when he hits a family member with a car. Michael's care about his family is finally reciprocated by Amanda towards the end of the game, at which time she makes him promise not to get killed. While initially friendly, the two soon get into an argument about their respective futures. Lance Lowell Townley Jr., 67, passed away Monday, June 13, 2005 in Boise after a long illness. This was changed later in the character's development to make him look like he wasn't too old to perform some of the things he would do during gameplay. Michael made a clandestine agreement with the FIB to cut ties with Trevor and Brad in exchange for government protection. However, Jimmy soon regrets his actions and visits his father, saying he does love him and promises to get a job and not be a lazy, pot-smoking, video game addict, which can be seen in-game. The tombstone is in place. Michael has an obsession for materialistic appearance and images, making it the main reason for why he dreamt of living out his Vinewood Dream with his family. Character history Childhood and adolescence. With Tracy, he denies her the opportunity to become famous by intervening against her wishes while actively currying favor with Solomon Richards to be a famous movie producer by working with unsavory individuals. After defaulting on a payment, Simeon has Franklin repossess the car from the De Santa Residence. Jimmy reveals that he had the drink spiked with ketamine, before pushing Michael out of the car and revealing that he's taking Michael's car and some of the money from his bank account and is moving out. As it turned out, the older civilian had been carjacked by Michael. The staged robbery, however was a disaster in execution after Trevor murdered a guard who held Michael at gunpoint and when Michael, Brad and Trevor were ambushed by over a dozen police officers ready to apprehend them. Michael nervously says "It's good to see you, man." After collecting information about the contents of the Vangelico Jewelry Store, Michael and Lester organise a heist, with Michael insisting that his new friend Franklin be involved, as he believes he will find the experience beneficial. Trevor claims that Michael's victim came after him, so Trevor shot a flare into the other man's head, and dumped the body using his plane (which Trevor claimed "Never smelled the same again. Businesses This time they must rob an armored truck filled with funds that the IAA has received due to drug sales. While hanging out with Amanda, Michael admits that he thought he lost his family for good once they left him and that made him eager to change his ways.