Showers are such a great way to celebrate a bride and her upcoming wedding, or a baby shower to celebrate the. [ Read: Mocktail Recipes For Baby Shower] Cute Finger Foods For Baby Shower. Bunny Bites Hi all! I'm hosting a shower for my SIL in November and was wanting to make some sort of hot slider type sandwich. Since it's going to be a little cooler out I wanted to do something a bit different for this one. The food is one area you can always be creative when it comes to showers. Baby showers are held to celebrate the arrival of a little one and awww and ahhh inducing cute finger foods are always a hit with women. The food you serve should complement the style and theme of your baby shower, as well … Easy finger food ideas for showers. Celebrate with a salad substantial enough to be the main course or one on the lighter side to enjoy with delicious sandwiches. Looking for some delicious food ideas for your next baby shower event? Finger sandwiches are the most requested party food. arrival of a new baby. See All About Finger Sandwiches for tips, hints and more recipes. Here are recipes for some cutesy finger foods. The possible combinations of fillings and breads are endless. Planning an afternoon baby shower gives you the luxury of serving a late lunch, early dinner or sticking to heavy snacks, which can cut down on costs, serving time and clean-up time. Celebrate the mother-to-be with a baby shower tea party featuring scrumptious tarts and scones, bite-size sandwiches, delicious cookies, and other sweet treats. Everything was a hit, especially the granola bar bites… 3. Baby Shower Food Ideas That Are Easy To Make And Healthy, Including Finger Foods, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Desserts And More. For the baby shower, we offered cheese burger sliders, mini hots dogs, tiny hummus sandwiches, s’mores pops, itty bitty cheese squares, granola bar bites and a beautiful cake made by a friend. These easy finger sandwiches are light and a cinch to prepare. Creating a food table can be a fun way to serve food to guests and a great way to have a variety of different foods to try. Perfect on a brunch menu, baby shower menu, bridal shower brunch or birthday party buffet. Salads and sandwiches make perfect companions as part of a baby shower menu or spread. Every shower I've been too including my own we have always had the mini chicken salad sandwiches, or egg salad, etc. 1 of 31