Moringa Seed and Vitamin E seep into the hair working to repair and moisturise the hair from the inside out. These days, beauty products are becoming more versatile than ever before. Airless dispensing options, now available for hair … With hair … Whether you have long dark brown hair or short ash blonde locks, these are the 10 multi-purpose hair tools worth investing in. Jul 02, 2014 7:14am. Available in two convenient sizes: 500 g and 1 Kg (50 g sample size) Dispensing Solution. The hair looks shinier and healthier. 11 Multi-Purpose Curly Hair Products That Do It All 11 Multi-Purpose Curly Hair Products That Do It All BY Devri Velázquez . Save time and energy with these wonder products. 11 Multipurpose Curly Hair Products… An ingredient naturally derived from coconut and sunflower oil softens and moisturizes hair and skin and also helps to improve the mildness of a formulation. 6.24.15 Sometimes the "2-in-1" label is true--these hair products have multiple uses and will define and enhance your natural hair texture. Overnight Miracle Repair Treatment, £7.99 by Mark Hill So, if you're still layering a collection of products through your hair … These 10 Multi-Purpose Hair Products Will Revolutionise Your Beauty Routine. It works like a dream. Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush Brushing curly or wavy hair can often mean a one-way ticket to major frizz and poofiness.