Also known as Dhansak Mutton, this main dish recipe is prepared on special occasions and festivals, and is best enjoyed with plain roti or paratha. ADVERTISING. Courtesy: Uma Dawra (Uma Dawra is a homemaker. Mutton Dhansak Recipe. The Dhansak actually has Persian origins. Ankita - October 30, 2017. Parsi cuisine is synonymous with mawas, mawis and a lot of bun and maska. As I have told, Dhansak is made by cooking mutton or goat meat with a mixture of lentils and vegetables. But seriously, the Dadar Parsi Colony is … Chicken versions of the dish are very popular as well. It combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. It's a great non-vegetarian recipe that uses seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, potatoes, brinjal, squash along with green leafy vegetables. But that’s not to suggest the best Dhansak recipe would necessarily have to contain lamb! By. Parsi mutton curry is an amazing recipe to try on special occasions and weekends. Lamb and mutton are particularly suited to use in a Dhansak curry, because they bring a fatty, meatiness that helps to balance the acidity and depth of the dish. Mutton dhansak is a classic Parsi lamb curry cooked in a spiced lentil and vegetable puree and flavoured with tamarind water. Parsi Dhansak recipe | how to make Parsi style veg dhansak with detailed photos and video recipe: –Dhansak is a popular Indian dish, originating among the Parsi Zoroastrian community.