[Lan Prik] has a great taste that you can really enjoy, we picked up 4 bottles of the product and I know we will enjoy it in our tacos or chili verde. Mackerel Chilli Paste (Nam Prik Pla Tu) - Nam Prik Plah Tu is one of the popular menu which be a favorite dish of many people. It assembled in front of our eyes late in the afternoon and by dusk was in full swing. I'd say its mildly more spicy than sriracha but has a wildly different flavor. I am a big fan of pla thu, or mackerel, one of the signature food ingredients of Thai cuisine. boiled water 3. 2 Tsp. It goes great … This recipe is for a very aromatic dipping sauce. It combines pungent shrimp paste and spicy Thai chilis with lime juice for sourness, fish sauce for saltiness, and palm sugar for sweetness. ... and the Thai mackerel known as pla tu. 2 Tbsp. Sugar Spicy flavors that combine well with Mackerel meat. Steamed Mackerel 2. Namprik Pla-Tu Add to cart Temporarily Out of Stock his is a hometown favorite "namprik" paste from Maesri brand, who we find makes the finest quality chile pastes. This shrimp paste chili dip known as nam prik gapi is the embodiment of bold Thai flavors. Namprik Kapi has a pungent fishy smell, but it's truly "authentic dish"..This dish are serve with variety of vegetables, boil or raw and most of the time this dish a accompany by a deep fried fish, such as pla tu or any types of fishes. It's called " How Paleo is Nam Prik Pla Tu: Paleo with the only issue being the chili paste dip which MAY contain fish sauce (which sometimes is not Paleo as there are processed additives added to the cheap ones) and palm oil. However, this is easily rectified by NOT eating the chili paste dip sauce that comes with the Nam Prik Pla Tu dish. Grilled Fish and Nam Prik Pla Tu - Stall - Night Market, Kad Suan Kaew We stumbled on a night market at Kad Suan Kaew shopping centre on Friday evening. The choice of food there was rather mind boggling and definitely authentical Thai. Magana F. This hot sauce is amazing. Ingredient of Mackerel Chilli Paste (Nam Prik Pla Tu) 1. Just eat with fresh vegetables or blanched vegetable. This recipe is quite easy and also my favorite one.