FRENCH ORDER OF BATTLE - MOROCCO – 8th November 1942 GROUND FORCES: French forces in Morocco were organized into four divisions plus coastal defenses. Allied Order of Battle Operation Torch Search Advanced search. Order of Battle is a series of operational WW2 games starting with the Pacific War and then on to Europe! 12 Items ... History of the 1st Battalion in Operation Torch, November 1 1942-May 31 1943. Operation Torch Race For Tunis Kasserine/Kasserine Pass Medenine Mareth Line Tunisia ... ↳ Order of Battle : World War II - Scenario Design ↳ Order of Battle : World War II - Multiplayer ↳ Panzer Corps 2 ↳ Panzer Corps 2: Tech Support ↳ Panzer Corps 2 AARs November 9, 1942. Part Three. Placed under the command of General George Patton, the Western Task Force had the advantage of having a man at the top who would stop at nothing to see that the mission was accomplished, a quality that would be needed in the days ahead. 8th to 12th Nov ember 1942. 1. Moderators: The Artistocrats, Order of Battle Moderators. The third part of Operation Torch, the Western Task Force, had a number of other problems that made its task the most complicated of them all. Here are elements I can bring about the Moroccan part of operation Torch but there is little about tank fighting. Battle honours conferred for North Africa: North Africa 1942-43 Soudia Oudna Djebel Azzag ... 1st Parachute Battalion Operation Order No. Under pressure from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to open a second front, the Western Allies debated how they might best engage Germany. The Allied invasion of French North Africa in November 1942 was intended to draw Axis forces away from the Eastern Front, thus relieving pressure on the hard-pressed Soviet Union. ... Operation Torch (defend the coast) Post by NightPhoenix » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:58 pm Operation Torch was the invasion of west North Africa to prevent the Germans taking control of the territories occupied by the French, then under the control of the Vichy French Government. The operation was a compromise between U.S. and British planners as the latter felt that the American-advocated landing in northern Europe was premature and would lead to disaster at this stage of the war. Operation Torch was the name given to the Allied invasion of French North Africa in November 1942.Operation Torch was the first time the British and Americans … World War II Armed Forces — Orders of Battle and Organizations: Last Updated 01.05.04: Campaign for North Africa. Torch was an American led operation under Eisenhower with substantial UK support. North Africa campaigns - North Africa campaigns - Operation Torch: The Anglo-U.S. invasion of northwest Africa had its origins at the Arcadia Conference in Washington, D.C., in the winter of 1941–42 and at meetings in London the following July. Operation Torch - the Invasion of N orth A frica.