Make sure your paint booth has a viable exhaust system. Maintain a clear space of at least 3 ft on all sides and above the spray booth. (248) 276-8400. Booth should be designed to sweep air currents toward the exhaust outlet. Familiarize yourself with the user’s manual for your explosion proof fan and make sure you make time for appropriate maintenance (i.e., switching out filters). (Spray Booth Code Requirements). Paint Spray Booth OSHA requires spray painting operations to have a minimum average air velocity of 100 fpm over the open face of the booth (electrostatic spraying is exempt). Paint Booth Design Review Checklist ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Manual, 27th /28th Edition UFC 3-410-04N, Industrial Ventilation, 25 October 2004 ANSI Z9.3-2007, Spray Finishing Operations – … We are in a building with approxmately a 25 ft roof and we have an exhaust stack that run from the back of the spray booth all the way to about five or six feet above the roof level. A critical component of your paint booth is the exhaust duct. Therefore, Paint Booth Wall Exhaust Fans can turn an empty room into a fully functional Paint Booth. Hence a simple, self-contained, filtered, wall 8.5.9 Compressed air shall be permitted to be used for cleaning paint delivery hose for individual applicators in a spray booth, provided both of the following requirements are met: (1) The booth ventilation is operating. More specifics on paint booth construction are found in OSHA standards 1910.94(c) and 1910.107. Electrical They It’s like when you’re in school and it’s always rules, rules, rules. The booths must also be designed for safe, easy cleaning and so that fumes will sweep toward the exhaust. Carl J. Bush Company – USA can help you select the proper fan. We have always cleaned behind the filters, and also climbed on top of the booth and gone through the access door to clean around the fan but there is about 15 feet of stack above that where have never really cleaned. Basic Fire & Electrical Requirements: Signs prohibiting smoking, flames They can be challenging, but we all know that they exist to promote the safe design, production and use of spray booths. You can buy paint booth exhaust systems direct from us, America's leading manufacturer of quality paint booths. A critical component of a paint booth is the exhaust duct.