4.1 out of 5 stars 414 ratings | 9 answered questions 5% off Lowest price in 30 days. https://www.zalahair.com/blog/benefits-of-purple-shampoo-to-bleached-hair Purple Shampoo. That’s why, before you choose a purple shampoo, read the label. For this reason, purple shampoo is not just for color-treated blondes. You would have to tone your hair with the right toner to get that cool silver tone you want. Bleached hair picks up allot of the impurities that are in the air, such as smoke., which in turn can actually make bleached hair look yellow. Your hair therefore attains a brassy look that is really irritating. Purple shampoo doesn't necessarily make hair silver, unless you use it right after you bleach it may depends on thr porosity of your hair. A purple based shampoo is great for blonde hair but what really does the trick on bleached hair is a good deep cleansing shampoo. Top 3 Best Shampoo for Bleached Hair Reviews 1. Remember that in most cases, bleaching your hair leaves it more porous, frizzy, and fragile. It is suitable for freshly bleached hair, making the bleached hair lighter and closer to white without compromising the quality of the hair. Purple shampoo helps illuminate the brassy and too yellowy. Natural blondes need it, too, Harwood says. Bleached hair has a tendency to develop a yellow undertone that is pretty visible. It's also a sulfate-free shampoo, so it won’t leave your hair dry the way many other purple shampoos do. In fact, those who’ve been jumping on the unicorn hair trend of purples and blue in their hair can also benefit from purple shampoo to help keep violet hues from fading. Purple shampoo helps eliminate these unpleasant orange undertones. A deep cleansing shampoo will cleanse your hair of the impurities and help keep your bleach hair looking bright. But, not all purple shampoos will be good for your hair. Purple shampoo is very suitable for dyeing white, super shiny or discolored hair. Any purple shampoo will work for canceling out unwanted colors in bleached hair. A powerful purple shampoo with enough pigment to actually correct brassy and yellow tones, this leaves behind the perfect icy color, says celebrity stylist Rikki Gash. Plus it depends on what level your hair lifted to. Purple Shampoo, Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair, Bleached, Silver, or Brown Highlighted Hair, For Bleached & highlighted Hair, Removes Yellow & Brassy Tones, Use longer for Silver/Ash Look Brand: TOULIFLY. Violet pigments can lighten the undesirable yellow tones of gray, light blonde or striped hair. It smothers the yellow/orange undertones leaving your hair cooler than before.