The Sky-Watcher Pro-Series Equatorial mounts are premium-grade observing platforms utilizing quality mechanical and electronic component materials throughout. If you are into DIY you could belt mod, strip down and tune the NEQ6-pro to get the same or better performance than the stock EQ6-R but you … but i hope i could help more people gaze further. AZ SynScan. The Sky-Watcher NEQ6 PRO SynScan is designed with the novice user in mind. AZ-EQ5 PRO. SynScan StarWand . About Us ; Our Products . For mounting a DOB Traditional, DOB Collapsible, or Newtonian Reflector telescope tube OTA on a SynScan DOB GoTo Upgrade Kit. ready to be amazed. This is a "first-light" review of a Skywatcher BKP250 f/4.8 OTAW Newtonian telescope with a NEQ6 pro equatorial mount, which I'd aquired for DSO observing and planetary imaging. Can't connect NEQ6 Pro via ST4 cable #43426. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. EQM-35 PRO. in the past, telescope are ony available to few. 31 May 2019 Review. Our Story; Our Products. HEQ5 PRO. If you are going to get into Imaging at any point the belt drive is worth it. Despite the relatively low price - BKP250 is a moderately good all around telescope. The EQ6-R handle also makes a big difference in carrying the mount (both are heavy beasts). EQ8 PRO. EQ5 PRO. Telescopes ... SYNSCAN PRO APP. It uses an RJ45 plug for the handset connection (better than the DSUB used by the EQ6, especially in the dark!) SkyWatcher NEQ6 Pro SynScan GoTo Equatorial Mount. EQ3 PRO. … and a screw-on … Hello and welcome... Have you tried using the serial port manager to assign serial ports to your kit, as that maybe the issue.. Stellarmate OS on Raspberry pi4b Skywatcher EQ8 pro, on steel pier Takahashi FSQ85 & Meade 8” SCT (de-forked) Starlight Xpress SXVR H18, SXVR M25c, Lodestar x2 Guide Camera Pegasus Ultimate Hub V2 for all USB & … Sky-Watcher Global. Telescopes; Mounts & Tripods; Telescope Accessories; Support. 31 March 2020 Review. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. However a some improvements are necessary in order to fully utilize capabilities of its 10" aperture. PRODUCTS. With the user-friendly push button hand control, locating and viewing the … EQ6R-Pro. Toggle navigation. Skywatcher BKP250 and NEQ6- Review. EQ6 PRO. Contact Us; Firmware; … AZ-GTi MOUNT RATED AS HOT PRODUCT OF 2019 ON SKY&TELESCOPE. putting you in the center of universe. 12 June 2019 Advertisement. About. AZ-EQ6 PRO. Sky-Watcher's Stargate 18-inch Dobsonian Review by Sky& Telescope 2018 APRIL ... 15 … This item is sent direct from suppliers via courier For amateur astronomers seeking superior equatorial control and the ease of a precision computerized GOTO system, the NEQ6 PRO SynScan is your answer. EQ6-R PRO vs NEQ6 PRO: The EQ6-R has a higher payload, is belt driven (reduces backlash and improves guiding) has a redesigned body with a carry handle (easier to transport and setup) and improved latitude adjustment (more sturdy and effective over a wider range of latitudes). Build quality of the EQ6-R is better than the NEQ6-pro in all examples I have seen.