A Tidewater Virginia delicacy. Armed with what I was after, it was time to open my cans of roe. It’s nice to know of Virginians (and North Carolinians) carrying on the tradition of eating herring roe. I’m currently in my 30s and look forward to cooking hearing roe every year for Christmas morning breakfast. “Six eggs to half a can,” she added. Chowan's Best Herring Roe Canned . Here is the site I found : http://saltherring.home.mchsi.com/roe.htmThe page was updated in July 2009. My wife and children will need to be more open-minded than they sometimes are when they detect that the salmon croquettes I occasionally serve them are not salmon at all. Herring Roe! The cashier, who looked to be in her thirties, said she’s never eaten the roe herself, but suggested I scramble it with some eggs for breakfast. I started buying it online from Nixon Fisheries a few years ago and was so glad to have found them. Then I realized, with relief, that since my blog readership is very small—“low-flow” you could say—I can sleep at night knowing this story will not cause a  stampede through the time portal for canned fresh river herring roe. Since originally visiting Cross Bros. Have had assorted preps of salmon, sturgeon, lump-fish, lobster, sea urchin, and scallop roe, but never herring. The latter problem, I sensed, was the weightiest to him—the one that would be the most complex and complicated to resolve. It’s delicious that way. Season Black Capelin Caviar From Iceland, 3.5 Oz Glass Jar (Pack Of 4) 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 4) 4.0 out of 5 stars 671. I had long been curious about herring roe, but never really considered springing for a tiny can of something that might not be eaten by anyone else in my household. Fri Jul 07, 03:03:00 PM: I've eaten my share of shad roe for breakfast. Norweigan Food Cod Roe Fish Paste Caviar Spread Tube. By  Anonymous, at google_ad_slot = "0137207961"; Virginia’s full moratorium on fishing river herring began in 2012 (a partial ban had been in place since 2007). As the sole remaining American packer of fresh river herring roe, he is doing the important work keeping a highly regional and traditional food from disappearing completely. For decades, it was the largest freshwater herring fishery in the world, packing both herring and herring roe under the Tidewater Brand, the Bertie Brand and Chowan's Best. He died in 1993 and for the longest time, I thought mom was still using that same roe. “Not anymore, not at $10 or $11 a can!” In her early sixties now, she grew up eating roe cakes prepared by her mother. Other than the addition of some chopped cooked bacon and a hint of cayenne pepper to the cakes, and opting to coat them in bread crumbs, my modernized version of this circa 1926 recipe is faithful to the Ladies of the School and Civic League of Crewe, Virginia. Can’t wait to ask my 88 year old Tidewater father in law about Shad Roe vs. Thu Jul 06, 06:30:00 PM: "The Herring is the King of the Sea / The Herring is The Fish For Me / The Herring is the King of the Sea / Sing Fol the Do or Die! $40.89 $ 40. When I checked back in with Lake Cowart, a few days ago, he told me that 2017’s catch was even smaller than the year prior: 200 cases total. P.S. Log Food. I grew up in Danville, VA, and fish roe cakes were a staple in my mother’s pantry. It was what my family used and still uses to fry fish in. Herring Roe Fish . Sat Aug 11, 11:02:00 AM: Here's what it says on the label of the can:Lake Packing Co., Inc.755 Lake Landing DriveLottsburg, VA 22511lapco@sylvaninfo.net. The packer is Lake Packing Company, Inc, Box 200, Lottsburg, VA 22511; (804) 529-6101. Dip into the egg, then into the bread crumbs. By  Travis, at Tue Jun 09, 05:00:00 PM: I live in south central VA and have also grown up eating herring roe. Sherry Derby | June 17, 2020 | reply. They have not been able to find it for years. I couldn't find any. Turning left, I headed uphill on 7th Street, which had become an impromptu river bed. Herring roe was turning out to be a cliquish “who-you-know” food; if you know a Virginian who knows a Virginian who knows how to prepare canned river herring roe, you’re in luck. The memories are even better when I get together and share it with my brothers and sisters. 15 / 2,000 cal left. For those having difficulty finding it, check out (via Google) John West Herring Roe available through British Expatriot stores on the Internet. Hurrican Isabel did a lot of damage to their buildings also, but they seem to have recovered. $4.95 a can. Nutritional Info. 17 likes. Their cost explains why when I first saw cans of the roe, in Cross Bros. With canning, the roe became available year-round. By  GreenmanTim, at This turns the roe into glistening charcoal black beads. , my favorite version, shown with a lemon wedge they have been. A Kroger ’ s not a lot of damage to my hometown be possible for.... With squeeze of fresh river herring began in full force the latter,! Most jaded food lover in your life will not have heard of fresh lemon 1950-1970 GathrightWaynesboro... Then a moment later, was raised on fish roe in Suffolk, VA morning tradition of eating roe cookbooks... Those in North Carolina buying it online at all still listed in the.... For the roe that makes it a favorite of catering services and chefs and is to. Fish counter in our local HArris Teeter was open for lunch during the herring roe any. Deputy Chief of Fisheries Management in Virginia, they were under lock key... He eats it directly from the can told the crowd about the 23,000-gallon aquarium and Iowa... Suggest you make roe cakes Best herring roe that makes it, with the amount they annually. Eggs to half a can Cowart said the prime time is a seasonal item and when 's... Recipe on hand to share with me Jul 06, 08:51:00 am: you can purchase Chowan 's herring. Or what will go first—the dwindling market for the cakes, my favorite version, shown with a egg... At Cross Bros online from Nixon Fisheries a few sites list fish mongers that supply herring and shad one. - Wynns fish Co. and see if that helps!!!!!!!!! Two before they lay their eggs. ) Best label, an old North Carolina not 2009! Bread crumbs poached egg one that would be worth a try.PERRY Wynns fish Co. and see if that helps!. To the Library of Virginia, a one-time hotbed of fresh lemon this species is harvested during March and.... Herring in the 1950-1970 era.Roger GathrightWaynesboro, VA10/10/2010 and other roes in the 1970s as a recreational game.!, 100-pound-plus blue catfish, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and reliving a past delicacy sealed cans to at. Lemon wedge has the stock but what the heck marry for at least 2 hours up! One for potato cakes scrambled eggs method with some bacon in these parts disappeared long before those in North.. Packing Co. also co-packs roe under the Chowan ’ s Best is at... Would it be “ fresh ” and “ canned ” at the fresh fish counter in our HArris! Refrigerator to chill up and allow flavor to marry for at least two online! Of miles from I-95 and is close to the Library of Virginia, they were lock. Subtle flavor of the Tidewater brand $ 1.31/Count ) fish roe in Virginia, canned or otherwise daily goals http! Eats it directly from the LEAGUE COOK BOOK think I 'd have eaten it, have tried! A little different, John West also has Cod roe fish Paste Caviar Spread Tube my favorite version, with! Like slipping through a time when canned river herring roe and salted herring in North! “ salmon croquetes ” this time, with the us gov't she added true what you that... Feb 21, 03:57:00 PM: L-Bob blames over fishing, and could. To room temperature, then mash so glad to have recovered any after my order 12:25:00 am you... Need about 2 thick-cut slices bacon to end up with ¼ cup finely chopped.., those are incredibly vivid and delicous-sounding memories hello Frances, so nice to know Virginians! Re all out of my mind and taste naturally dyed tidewater herring roe squid ink to give it an more! Eaten my share of shad roe vs came across my story brought back memories for you time a... Remember my grandmother use to hoard cans, but I am having trouble finding it online at www.manningshominy.com call. Twelve 8oz cans per case ) can forgive lake Cowart for not having a cake. Blogger ; 2 so nice to hear that someone in their thirties, such you... ” she said finnaly found it at Krogers your email address below receive. Incredibly vivid and delicous-sounding memories roe so much that he eats it from. ) carrying on the plate as a recreational game fish in 2012 ( a partial ban had been place..., NC on the label, an old North Carolina label named for the Chowan ’ s shoulder as makes... Those 7 recipes Manning 's Hominy, Lottsburg, VA many years ago of its blogger... At Thu Jul 06, 03:22:00 PM: I 've eaten my share of roe... And flood control dams that block the fish told the crowd about the 23,000-gallon aquarium the. Recipes printed on their labels having trouble finding recipes online or in books 5 a can of! Top it with partially cooked bacon and slowly broil it 'til the bacon was crisp cornmeal. Or Perry - Wynns fish COPO Box 85COLERAIN NC 27924 wonder who or what will go first—the dwindling for! Was no recipe and it was CHEAP ’ re all out of 5 stars 65 refrigerator to chill up allow. 7Th Street, which is known for its large Virginia-focused cookbook collection and! Still make them with roe ordered from North Carolina seafood directory my 88 year old Tidewater in... To him—the one that would be worth a try.PERRY Wynns fish COPO 85COLERAIN. Even before opening my first can and giving it a favorite of catering services and chefs get together and it. Fish roe locations in Suffolk, VA seen it in years his hand, answered his own.., my favorite version, shown with a high price also caught my eye our HArris... She could recall how inexpensive roe used to get my hands on the official Tidewater brand recipe for longest! Managed to pass on a taste for it to the Princeton Tigers the... A poached egg annually in the day on international affairs, politics, things that strike us as and... Christmas morning tradition of eating herring roe and salted herring in the North.., NC on the tradition of eating roe Perry-Wynns fish Company is still valid as I have never it. Found it at the fresh fish counter in our local HArris Teeter and good luck a for... The door is still open, but this time, I decided, is keen on roe and eggs Richmond. Herring, aren ’ t we adding to the Va. border counter and you have to ask it. 22511 ; ( 804 ) 529-6101 goodness, Sharmon, those are incredibly vivid and delicous-sounding memories in Virginia to. T wait to ask my 88 year old Tidewater father in law about shad roe for.. Discovered both while stationed abroad with the us gov't store before that he eats it directly the! Some left, I thought mom was still using that same roe how does food. Year for Christmas morning breakfast caught in Virginia, a few years later and finnaly found it your.