Tesoro K1 Aluminum Keycaps. 86 94 4. Model #: 99W-2T-9BB873; Item #: 9SIARU7CSB9393; Return Policy: View … It’s an excellent keycap set for FPS gamers. ... Textured keycaps. Textured Keycaps (WASD) by Alphawolves Dec 25, 2019 . This set is a US layout and the keycaps have a soft texture feel. From looking at WASD's keycap designer, they don't have an option to control which keys have the raised indicators (Also, I don't want an entire set of keycaps). Upgrading your keycaps is easy thanks to the included HyperX keycap removal tool. THESE ARE VERY TALL KEY I PLEASE SHRINK THEM I AM UPDATING THE PRINT FILE NOW! WASD Keycaps inc blanks . 9. by Supercell Aug 4, 2016 . The keys were also shaped differently from standard profile, which made it very … Side note these are made to be printed with a resin or SLA printer for best results. 37 45 5. 785 1054 253. d20 Gaming Dice Keycap . WASD Keyboards. Metal WASD keycaps. HOPE YOU ENJOY! Junsida ESC WASD Keycaps Yellow Green Purple Blue Pink Red Color Side Letter Key Caps For Filco Mechanical Keyboard. Get a feel, literally, for your keyboard. Keycap-puller included. Some textured keycaps because I couldn't find anyone else who made them. However, a somewhat swankier option would be would be perfect is if there was somebody selling completely textured WASD keys, like on the Corsair K60 . At one point I used Corsairs “Gaming/Performance textured” keys on my WASD. by rsheldiii Jul 27, 2018 . Order and customize the keycaps individually, for $3 each. The Gaming Keycaps have been designed for use in either an FPS or MOBA setup, and they’re textured for grip, coated for durability and come in stylish, striking colours. Tesoro offers this set of keycaps with aluminum coating to create a unique look for your keyboard. KeyV2: Parametric Mechanical Keycap Library . The keycaps included are Escape and the WASD keys.