So, focus on fewer tasks rather than worry about the whole garden. Knowing that the spring is prime growing time here, I want to purchase some sweet pea seeds to plant in the containers this fall so they can rest over winter and sprout when it warms next March. Before you start clipping, it's best to know what you're looking to remove. The first task most gardeners consider when preparing the garden for winter is cutting back perennials. Walking her poly tunnel full of salmon pink and vibrant coral ranunculus… Cutting plants back in the fall isn't a hard and fast rule. How to start a cutting garden – expert tips and ideas. If the garden is overwhelmingly large, don’t despair. How to start a cutting garden – my own story. It was a blissful April day spent with Tammy Hall at her Wild Bunch Flowers farm in Shropshire (below) that set me off. While thoroughly clipping back and cleaning up the garden in the fall may save some time in the spring, there are benefits to leaving certain plants standing from both ecological and aesthetic perspectives. Some plants, such as yarrow (Milfoil) and agastache (Brittonastrum) dry well to add interest to the winter garden if left uncut. Clear a small section at a time and work your way gradually. I cut several zinnias from the cutting garden and mixed it with the lime hydrangeas and pink roses from my backyard bushes. Imagine, it’s the start of the growing season and you don’t want to miss out on planting veggies or enjoying some pretty blooms in the summer. Prune any dead, dying, or diseased branches.