Shea Moisture Too Expensive? Love this article but these items are hard to get here. Hi Melissa, unfortunately no conditioner or product is going to give relaxed hair a curly look. Informative article, thanks. And which expensive conditioners are worth the cash? So when I discovered DevaCurl, I thought I’d found the answer to all my curly hair problems. I… Read more ». Fortunately, there exists in the market a wide variety of natural products such as dietary supplements and topical applications, as well as a virtually endless supply of tips and techniques on how to increase male sex drive. When I assess the products I purchased in the following order — Kinky Curly, Ms. Jessies, Hair Rules — I started at the top and had to work my way down. Both under 9 buck!! I have never personally been a big believer in dropping major dough on haircare products, but I know there are many naturals who will spend upwards of $40 on a small bottle of conditioner and not bat an eyelash. I always have some handy. - Garcinia cambogia and This can be a plant that’s normally developed around regions of Parts of asia which was noted for you to minimize how rapid our body turns carbohydrate food in to fats. I just bought a bottle of the stuff(castor oil) and add it to my conditioners as needed. I don’t think I spend that much money on hair products but the most expensive thing would have to be my $12 darcy’s botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner which is something I do not see myself giving up anytime soon! We use SO much conditioner one a regular basis, why spend $20 a bottle, when you can spend $3 and achieve the same results? But generally, I have found that expensive,mass produced, commercial products rarely have the ingredients to support their packaging claims. False hair is more readily available and used! I AM GOING TO CHECK THE DOLLAR STORE, TKS FOR THE TIP. Well, hi! Or maybe you’re like most of us, and assumed that because a product is expensive, it contains expensive ingredients and must work well. It’s priced comparatively well, so it’s easier to justify buying spending the money on it before you know whether it’s going to work for you. For more information on transitioning, natural hair, and her own hair journey, visit Christina, you are on point! Thanks so much and I’m taking a look ahead to contact you. I learned of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted (HETT), Giovani and Tresseme Naturals (TN) from YouTube videos and so far I love all 3. As someone who travels a lot, my hair has been through some things I kind of wish it hadn’t. I’m a 19 yr old student… The price of shea moisture is enough. That means its $1!! Shea Moisture was the bomb.I was actually shocked, and wondered how and why I avoided this product for so long. Great Article! It’s the Ever Sleek line. Vera 6 years ago I really like the As I Am lines as well as the Shea Moisture. I also didn’t need to use too much – two pumps, each around the size of a bottle top. With the exception of shea butter and ojon (alm), all the other oils are present in negligible amounts. Shea Moisture doesn’t give you that huge boost of moisture you get with DevaCurl so it might not be great for people with high-porosity hair, thick or course hair that requires a heap and heaps of moisture, but it is a really good alternative a lot of other products out there (like Maui Moisture, for example – do not recommend. It was okay but not fantastic and the quantity was so minute that I was done with that jar in about 2 uses. Here's What Happened. I’m Charlotte – a travel, writing and curly hair-enthusiast who’s bad with directions.