WSCMB. Work Sharp hit the mark again when they designed the Guided Field Sharpener. $105.99. $79.99. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition - Work Sharp WSKTS-KO. I have used my field sharpener to sharpen at least one thousand and a half. $199.99. Versatility. All elements are self-contained and require no set up. This handheld, five-stage sharpener with built-in angle guides hones standard edges, serrated edges, broadheads, axes and hooks to a razor-sharp edge. A favorite of hunters, fishermen, and campers, the versatile, lightweight Guided Field Sharpener is the best-selling guided manual sharpening solution in the market, with two grits of diamond plates, ceramic honing, and a leather strop. WSKTSC. Guided Field Sharpener. Compact, durable and built to be taken into the field. Guided Sharpening System - Work Sharp WSGSS-C . I can find the diamond plates for the tilt table. I can find belts and disc for the dual electric grinder. Video. I don’t know of another field sharpener that can also sharpen fishing hooks, broad heads, and hatchets. Includes: two removable diamond plates, one coarse and one fine; three-position ceramic rod with a fine grit, coarse grit and a hook-sharpe Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener - WSKTS. $79.99. We consider The Guided Field Sharpener t he best on the market because of the wide range of tools it offers to sharpen a variety of edges. I have owned several work sharp sharpeners for years and still use them all. Combo knife sharpener - Work Sharp WSCMB . WSGSS-C. $68.97. Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1.: Little V-sharpeners are OK for temporary touch-ups, but this kit provides complete multi-stage sharpening for your straight or … $61.97. Video.