A running back will likely find his face in the mud if he can not, 29. The deer was obviously moving in a zigzag course to escape the shots of hunters. zigzag (noun) - an angular shape characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions. The Coast Path enters the village via a steep zigzag through someone 's garden, dropping steeply to the harbor. The only difficulty is occasioned by the erratic zigzag current. In addition, the dance is very easy to recognize for outsiders because it is performed in a zigzag pattern of movement instead of most of the other cultural dances of Native American tribes, which are performed in a circle. He noticed that they continually moved in a, 17. A zigzag highway, regarded as a triumph of engineering, winds through the mountain passes between Cettigne and the Austrian seaport of Cattaro; and other good roads give access to the richest parts of the interior. All Rights Reserved. What about the new "zigzag" tactics of the Carter administration? If the box be round, they will seek to lead the eye away from the naked regularity of the circle by a pattern distracting attention, as, for example, by a zigzag breaking the circular outline, and supported by other ornaments. St Malo fades, we zig-zag around buoys & lighthouses to the open sea. The path ran zigzag up the hill. She took several deep breaths, then broke cover and sprinted in a. South of it is the long zigzag range known as Jebel el-Kuds, named from Jerusalem (el-Kuds) the chief town built upon it. Note the zigzag axis (rhachilla) bearing long silky hairs. This clever device produces a parallel double row on one side and a single row of, 24. 2. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Zigzag | Zigzag Sentence Jijona was a maze of zigzag streets. Source. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The western boundary was settled by Anglo-German agreements of 1890 and 1899; it leaves the coast west of the town of Lome and proceeds in a zigzag line to where the Deine river joins the Volta; thence follows the Volta to its junction with the Daka and then the Daka up to the point where 9° N. The Egyptian potteries afforded experience in dealing with vitreous glazes and vitreous colours, and from Egyptian alabaster-quarries veined vessels were wrought, which may well have suggested the decorative arrangement of zigzag lines (see Plate I. The only way forward was to zigzag. An embroidery stitch that produces a decorative, 21. The separate nervecentres are, as a rule, placed in communication only by the general nerve-plexus, but in Charybdaea there is a zigzag marginal nerve connecting them up. The spelling zigzaggy is an adjective, but so is just zig-zag or zigzag. The shortest distance between two points appeared to be a, 30. View other definitions. a Late Norman motif. The vases are highly polished and of elegant form, with zigzag decoration. before emerging into an enormous zigzag trough (the Grand Cañon) which conducts the river past the basalt plateau. cubital trunk, and the zigzag course of many of the branches. Chevron: A popular Venetian style of bead made by forming a zigzag pattern in a block of glass. In the south the body is slightly cut by women with small flakes of glass or quartz in zigzag or lineal patterns downwards. 13 19 cubital trunk, and the zigzag course of many of the branches. 6. An updated take on the look, in the form of face-framing layers or a zigzag part, keeps it fresh. The city changed as she wandered the zigzag roads toward its center until she came upon an inner wall - -now open - -leading to stone structures gleaming with gold and silver artwork. a, b, Barren glumes; c, fertile glumes, each enclosing one flower with its pale, d; the zigzag axis (rhachilla) bears long silky hairs. Learn ZIGZAG from example sentences, some of them are from classic books. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Here it bends south again, and with many a zigzag continues its general westerly direction, crossing the arid plains of Bechuana, Bushman and Namaqualands. In order to escape the police, the fleeing car would zigzag in between cars going back and forth down the two lanes. Only by following at some distance could one cut across the zigzag path of the French. before emerging into an enormous zigzag trough (the Grand Cañon) which conducts the river past the basalt plateau. The word zigzag is also the adverb, and more rarely a noun.E.g. Examples of zigzag in a sentence, how to use it. Input your word, you get not only its meaning and example, but also some sentences' contexts in classic literature. Obelia forms numerous polyserial stems of the characteristic zigzag pattern growing up from a creeping basal stolon, and buds the medusa of the same name. . In some places the topsoil had been eroded and we had to, 26. in a zigzag course or on a zigzag path Last update: February 14, 2017 In the Coralline Limestone the following fossils have been noted :- Spondylus, Ostrea, Pecten, Cytherea, Arca, Terebratula, Orthis, Clavagella, Echinus, Cidaris, Nucleolites, Brissus, Spatangus; in the Marl the Nautilus zigzag; in the Yellow, Black and Greensand shells of Lenticulites complanatus, teeth and vertebrae of Squalidae and Cetacea; in the Sandstone Vaginula depressa, Crystallaria, Nodosaria, Brissus, Nucleolites, Pecten burdigallensis, Scalaria, Scutella subrotunda, Spatangus, Nautilus, Ostrea navicularis and Pecten cristatus (see Captain Spratt's work and papers by Lord Ducie and Dr Adams). Later we find two periods of zigzag designs in south Germany with an intermediate stage of spirals and wavy lines, while in north and east Germany the so-called string-ornamentation predominates. After wildly circling about, and reaching a height at which it appears a mere speck, where it winnows a random zigzag course, it abruptly shoots downwards and aslant, and then as abruptly stops to regain its former elevation, and this process it repeats many times. The titlo is drawn as a zigzag line over a text. zigzag course to escape the shots of hunters. Zig-zag. zigzag pattern from north to south along the area. zigzag path crossing a wall then turning left to emerge from the trees via a stile. The tile includes chevrons and zigzags above and below the lamp. zigzag at r. angles to the wall, i.e. 1 people chose this as the best definition of zigzag: The definition of a zigza... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The inflorescence or ear consists of a central stalk bent zigzag, forming a series of notches (see fig. Five 100m long trenches were laid out in zigzag pattern from north to south along the area. a line of a “z” pattern in which it crisscrosses back and forth. Her Zipper Stripe collection includes a lined demi bra and a low-rise thong, both decorated with contrasting lace trim and zigzag stripes. 4. From San Pablo is an uphill zigzag road going to Rizal. Each rod contains thousands of proteins that transform light into signals via a molecule that crosses the membrane in a sevenfold, 22. In addition, most are green with red zigzag trim. The lightning made a zigzag in the sky. . The decoration of zigzag lines was probably applied directly after the body of the vase had been blown. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. The country seems to have been following a. (i) In the majority of cases the numbers lie on a continuous (but possibly zigzag) line. Sentencedict.com try its best to collect and make good sentences. Built on a series of terraces beneath St. Boniface Down the town 's roads zigzag down to the sea past the beautifully planted cascades. The result is a straight lace with zigzag pattern underneath. Many New York hiking trails are governed and maintained by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference due to the fact that many of the trails zigzag through both states. The garment (which resembles the Doric irbirXos, but seems to have been rectangular rather than square) is folded over at the top, and the central part is drawn up towards the right shoulder to produce an elaborate system of zigzag folds (Greek Art, fig. On the N side even bays one and two have zigzag at r. angles to the wall, i.e. 0. A determinate cymose inflorescence with a, 19. Stitching on the skirt appeared to zigzag down the seams using twice the amount of thread since it stitched from side to side. Instead, continue on the zigzag path crossing a wall then turning left to emerge from the trees via a stile.